Job responsibilities:


  • Responsible for organizing the daily production of the U.S. plant, arranging the company's annual production plan, monthly production plan and daily production plan, on time and in accordance
  • Responsible for the schedule operation and management of production lines, including personnel management, equipment management, material management, production process management and environmental management, to ensure that the production process in line with international standards and norms
  • Receive the customer's audit plant needs, and be responsible for passing the relevant audit
  • Master the quality status quo in the production process, cooperate with the quality department, and help solve the quality problems in production
  • Cooperate with the work of the general manager of the factory, according to the company's needs for the production line transformation and upgrading
  • In accordance with the requirements, continuous production line optimization, to control the cost of product manufacturing
  • Lead the plant initialization phase of construction of manufacturing halls considering all aspects of line layout while understanding process engineering



Job requirements:

  • With more than 10 years of relevant work experience,
  • 5 plus years of experience in the production and operation of manufacturing plants, familiar with the battery production process is good
  • Excellent English communication skills, English can be used as a working language; Knowledge of Chinese language is a plus
  • Full-time undergraduate degree and above, with study abroad background or overseas work experience is preferred
  • Strong experience in setting up a manufacturing process is preferred
  • Good communication and coordination, strain, and pressure resistance


About Gotion:

Gotion, Inc. is based in Silicon Valley in California, with R&D centers in Ohio, China, Japan and Europe. We innovate in the next generation electric vehicle and energy storage technologies (lithium batteries and related systems) with the aim to accelerate electrified transportation and achieve sustainable development. Gotion is powered by a leading power battery technology company that provides solutions for vehicles including the world’s first mass commercial e-bus route.

Gotion is a career destination- we are not simply attempting to just fill another job, but to pursue a dream of global green energy together! We offer outstanding opportunities to individuals seeking an exciting and challenging working environment. Everyone is highly valued and plays a vital role in the growth of our organization.


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