Job description:

  • Be familiar with the general process of industrial design trend research and design planning, master the ID design process, and master the effective methods of finding and solving problems
  • Have experience in industrial design of the whole process of products, especially experience in design of battery system or energy storage system products
  • More than 9 years ID design experience, familiar with product design and development process, proficient in product appearance design work, proficient in product overall structure and specific design priorities
  • Have a complete product industrial design concept and experience in participating in the system of product design guidelines and specifications
  • Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, RHINO, PROE and other design software and other work-related software
  • Have a holistic view and teamwork spirit; creative, open-minded, tolerant, empathic and able to communicate proactively and effectively
  • Have Bachelor’s degree in related majors; a Master’s degree is preferred
  • English proficiency is preferred



  • Be responsible for integrating internal and external resources of the company, and carrying out industrial design analysis and planning of multi-category Energy storage system appliances based on product solutions
    • Carry out analysis and research on the battery system design trend of Tb and TC scenarios
    • According to the relevant user data, summarize the design trend research information, gain insight into the potential user needs of the series products and single products in the energy storage system scenario, and plan the innovative design direction of the TB/TC appliances
    • Based on the ideal product appearance design goal, make the innovative design plan and series product design plan of battery appliance
  • Be familiar with the general processes, methods of product industrial design and design development, and carry out systematic promotion work such as guidelines and standards of series and single product design planning landing transformation based on user scenario needs
    • Responsible for promoting the implementation of the concept of industrial design innovation of multi-category appliances in energy storage system scenario
    • Responsible for promoting the ID design planning and application management of series appliances in energy storage system scenario
  • fluent in Spanish and English, German or Chinese is a plus

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