Myntra’s engineering team builds the technology platform that empowers our customers’ shopping experience and enables the smooth flow of products from suppliers to our customers’ doorsteps. We work on areas such as building massive-scale web-applications, engaging user-interfaces, big-data analytics, mobile apps, workflow systems, inventory management etc. We are a small technology team where each individual makes a huge impact. You will have the opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing organization and gain exposure to all the parts of a comprehensive e-commerce platform.

You will be a part of Inbound Engineering

Myntra’s Inbound engineering form the backbone of our core business and customer experience. Any business runs on a simple construct of Demand (Consumer) and Supply (Producer). However, a set of complex and intricate methods, processes and systems connect the demand with supply in a deterministic and predictable way. These methods, processes and systems collectively form the core of Inbound engineering.

The multi-billion-dollar Myntra business fundamentally rests on a set of highly scalable, robust and intelligent systems that solve real-world problems of predicting the demand from millions of our customers, for a combination of millions of products from our product catalogue, and intelligently connecting that demand to thousands of national and international sellers or suppliers using a set of advanced homegrown tech products that we build and manage.

Inbound engineering employs new-age technologies such as distributed computing constructs, machine learning, deep learning, highly scalable data stores in Mongo, Redis, Cassandra, MySQL, Elastic Search, Solr; scalable programming constructs in Node.js, GoLang, Java; JavaScript, Python, and new-age frameworks such as ReactJS and ReactNative to solve some of the hardest problems in the e-commerce business with world-class software products.

The four core pillars of Inbound engineering at Myntra are as follows:

  • End to end planning for the company: Inbound engineering drives the entire planning for the company through tech stacks and machine learning models that drive financial planning, assortment planning, design planning, inventory planning, replenishment planning and finally the buying process.
  • Manufacturing: Tech stack required for the entire manufacturing life cycle from design concept to production including management of design artefacts and the entire workflow from concept -> design -> sourcing -> shortlisting of manufacturers -> manufacturing -> inwarding of products.
  • Content: Most of the content that is seen on Myntra’s website has its origin in Inbound systems. This includes products, brands, sellers, discounts and coupons. Inbound engineering decides the strategy for such content (e.g., identification of prioritized sellers) and manages workflows for the generation of the content. It leverages many machine learning models to automate and make the whole process more intelligent and faster.
  • Partners: The goal of this pillar is to provide a world-class partner experience through management of everything related with partners including onboarding of partners, partner portal through which all partner interactions happen (cataloguing, reporting, insights, slot management etc.), management of terms and contracts among other things.

As a director of engineering in Inbound, you will be responsible for one or more of the above pillars.


  • Technical Guidance:  You will provide technical leadership to a team of excellent software engineers; this requires that you have the technical depth to make complex design decisions and the hands-on ability to lead by example.
  • Execution and Delivery:  You will be expected to instill and follow good software development practices and ensure timely delivery of high-quality products. You should be familiar with agile practices as well as be able to adapt these to the needs of the business, with a constant focus on product quality.
  • Team management: You will be responsible for hiring and mentoring your team; helping individuals grow in their careers, having a constant dialogue about their aspirations and sharing prompt, clear and actionable feedback about performance.
  • Collaboration: Collaborating closely with others in the organization to ensure that the products we build will delight our customers; this includes working closely with product managers, designers, engineering leaders, and stakeholders in other departments.
  • Leadership:  As a company growing at high speed, you will be expected to lead the team through uncertainties and changes in scale and organization. Often, requirements will be fuzzy, and you will be expected to bring clarity to such situations.


Desired Skills and Requirements

  • Leadership skills

15-18 years of total experience. Strong experience leading teams of engineers to deliver great software products.  Proven ability to build a product from scratch.  Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build and mentor a strong team. Ability to push through despite roadblocks and resource constraints.

  • Technical depth

Strong technical competence required to gain credibility.  Ability to architect, design and code yourself.  Technical experience in building and operating web-based applications. Deep understanding of all layers of the web-stack work (from the client interface to the database). Knowledge of multiple technology stacks/languages/tools and their pros/cons.

  • Execution ability

Focus on delivering products in a timely manner with high quality. Familiarity with multiple software development practices and tools, and the proven ability to adapt, champion and institute good practices and tools.  

  • Degree in Computer Science or related field.  Strong understanding of object-oriented programming, concurrency and fundamentals of computer science.


  • We also highly value experience working in a startup or smaller product-focused organization, contributions to open-source, tech blogs or tech forums. We are also open to people who may not fit our precise expectations of the role. If you have the passion and ability to build great products, we can craft the right role for you.

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