Job description:

  • Assist the supervisor in the overall planning of European factories and other overseas factories
  • Assist supervisor in project management, including daily meeting arrangements and preparation of project materials
  • Assist the supervis responsible for MODULE/PACK production line process documents, process flow chart, work instruction preparation and update and staff training
  • Integrate the technical resources of the department, prepare the process documents of the products, formulate the material consumption process quota, and be responsible for the design and verification and improvement of the process tooling
  • Responsible for MODULE/PACK production process data analysis to achieve effective management and monitoring of process control points, and develop process and process optimization countermeasures to improve process CPK
  • Responsible for providing production technical support for MODULE/PACK production line, quickly analyzing and solving abnormal problems in the process, and improving product quality
  • Responsible for MODULE/PACK production line standard work time statistics, process standard action analysis and curing, bottleneck process line balance improvement, and beat improvement
  • Responsible for manufacturing plant process improvement, product performance improvement, cost reduction and other aspects of work
  • Interface with MODULE/PACK R&D staff, review samples, lead trial production, and smoothly introduce PACK products to production line for mass production
  • Enter the production site to grasp the quality situation; guide and supervise the first-line production of the workshop to solve the technical problems arising in production in a timely manner and implement the process service work
  • Organize and lead the test work of new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment, grasp the summary and results identification of process test topics, and organize the promotion and application
  • Arrange guidance, supervision, inspection and assessment of the work of the subordinates belonging to
  • Accept the rationalization suggestions reported by the direct subordinates and handle them according to the procedures
  • Assist the department head to carry out the work within the department.or in the communication and management of the various sections and departments in the project



  • Bachelor degree or above, 5-10 years of working experience, including 4 years of experience in power battery process management; experience in PACK process management in the top 10 domestic power battery companies is preferred
  • Familiar with power battery PACK production process, with in-depth understanding of soft pack battery module and square battery module process
  • Process engineering skills (process improvement, troubleshooting, data analysis, process optimization, quick problem solving, etc.)
  • A good understanding of process control, part change, manufacturability, process design, process validation, cost reduction methods
  • Experience in the use of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Experience with advanced manufacturing technologies (laser welding, helium inspection) preferred
  • Good communication and teamwork skills, able to quickly integrate into a team excellent English reading, writing and communication skills, English can be used as a working language; German is preferred
  • Familiar with automated production line processes, skilled in the use of CAD, CATIA or SOLIDWORKS and other software
  • Full-time undergraduate degree or above, majoring in mechanical, electromechanical or industrial engineering; study background or overseas working experience is preferred
  • Fluent in Spanish and English, German or Chinese as a plus

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