Job description:

  • To develop logistics long, medium and short-term strategies according to the business needs of Gotion Europe, and ensure that the company's logistics system can efficiently support the rapid business development of the company
  • Continuously improve the operational efficiency of the existing logistics center, and at the same time be responsible for the planning and design of new logistics center and internal resource integration
  • Develop logistics management and work plans, continuously improve the logistics work norms and assessment standards, and reduce logistics costs
  • Planning and design of the company's logistics management and distribution network
  • Responsible for the construction of the company's logistics and distribution standardization and the guidance of logistics and distribution of each branch (subsidiary) company/production base, and responsible for the turnover rate of the company's inventory, distribution and inventory accuracy and efficient processes
  • Responsible for logistics team building and training of middle management
  • Organizing the development of annual logistics segment business plan, budget, organizing the development and implementation of logistics strategy
  • Cooperate with the engineering team to optimize the professional capacity and information level, and be able to cooperate with R&D to develop new processes (process equipment, automated production lines), optimize and improve the process capability of products, and realize the overall digitalization of the production process
  • Supervise the whole process of logistics management in local factories and conduct performance evaluation; lead the improvement of quality management system (including IATF16949, IRIS system certification), and be able to respond to the audits of first-tier OEMs and Tier1 at home and abroad
  • Responsible for the overall management of the logistics center, establish relevant systems and workflow, and improve operational performance management level


  • Bachelor degree or above, 8 years of logistics management experience, logistics management related majors preferred, with study background and overseas working experience
  • Familiar with material procurement procedures and logistics management business processes
  • In well-known logistics companies, leading logistics-related projects to promote the personnel preferred
  • Familiar with the operation mode and business pain points, with strong solution capability
  • Collaborate with various departments, logistics full chain end-to-end full process combing, continuous optimization of the whole chain of operational processes, improve process efficiency and consumer experience
  • Familiar with warehousing and transportation logistics operation process, and make reasonable planning and process improvement according to business needs
  • To develop reasonable logistics solutions for business development through insight into user needs, business pain points, and analysis of logistics costs along the entire chain, so as to achieve reduction in logistics costs and continuous improvement in consumer experience
  • Be able to analyze the causes, effectively develop and implement countermeasures and form standards for the problems or issues identified
  • Fluent in Spanish, English can be used as a working language, German is preferred
  • Have plan management, cost risk management and basic financial and legal knowledge
  • Strong organizational and coordination skills, team management skills, and good professionalism, with a strong sense of commitment and responsibility, integrity, loyalty and honesty
  • Proficiency in operating office software
  • Have good communication and coordination, strain and anti-stress ability

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