For our office in Veenendaal, we are looking for a versatile intern that wants to participate in digital platforms that are used by millions of people. An intern that’s ready to kick some developmental ass for our clients. We promise you won’t feel like you’re stuck on the set of a boring sitcom or a dusty office from the 80s. Why don’t you come to see for yourself?

Please Note: to be eligible for this internship you are required to be living and studying in the Netherlands.

During this internship, you will hit the ground running as if you’re the Usain Bolt of the back-end. As an intern, you will be a full and indispensable member of the project teams. You will work for great customers and in this way gain valuable experience. In addition, you have the possibility to research the various available tools or to further standardize and optimize our current processes. Of course, you also ensure a piece of knowledge transfer. Your analytical skills are therefore of great importance. Due to this, as a part of the interview process, we will ask you to prepare a 5-minute technical evaluation to gain an understanding of your skills. Don't worry, it will not be difficult and won’t be a deal-breaker! 

As an intern, you’ll be part of the Technology Campus of Dept, which is our talent program that molds you into becoming the best of the best. Through professional training, interactive workshops about the latest technology, and intensive 1-on-1 guidance from the best developers, this program ensures that you won’t turn into the designated coffee supplier or have to start an involuntary love affair with the printer. You’ll work closely with our team of designers, developers, project managers, and other great folks who will teach you how to keep a cool head and keep your coding on fire. We’ll give you all the attention, feedback, GIFs, and high fives that you need to grow into a professional that stands out. At the end of your internship, you’ll have a ton of experience in this field and working with A-list clients such as Otrium and Thuisbezorgd. Oh, and a portfolio that blows everyone away of course.

All jokes aside: we’re an award-winning digital agency that’s on the rise internationally, looking for a nice intern. Young people, bright heads, something with ambition and accelerating companies. We love talent, but we’re also looking for the perfect Dept-fit. We want to click like Lego or match like Tetris. In a completely professional way of course. Because that’s what makes everything more fun: from Monday morning meetings to Friday afternoon mixers and everything in between. We strongly support diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Ultimately, we are looking for a unique individual who is able to strengthen our collective.

Sounds good? We thought so. Now go apply!

Please submit the motivation letter in English. 


  • Never stop talking about your passion for development;
  • Not only think technology is really cool but knows that the end user is always central;
  • Can't stop learning new frameworks in your spare time;
  • Maybe even already work as a part-time developer;
  • Want to learn more about technologies such as Java, Spring, Javascript, Vue, React, HTML, and CSS;
  • Can switch from serious to play in an instant;
  • Are interested in security and performance optimization.
  • Are available full-time 5 days a week from February 2022.


  • An open culture;
  • A work from home setup facilitated by us;
  • The opportunity to develop and grow into a true professional;
  • Intensive guidance and full membership to the team;
  • A decent internship allowance;
  • A dazzling Vrijmibo and legendary team outings.


Hello, we are Dept – an international digital agency with the most experienced thinkers & makers. One agency uniting creativity, technology, and data. We help reinvent & accelerate your digital reality by creating experiences that people want and businesses need.

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