Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way the world thinks about food delivery. It’s not a chicken chow mein and a night on the sofa anymore, it’s your favourite local restaurant, it’s a dinner party, a date.

We’re four years in, and along the way our team have taken hundreds of ideas from brainstorms to global roll-outs, like Deliveroo Editions – bespoke kitchens designed to host a locally-curated selection of restaurants. Editions are our solution to ensuring that our customers have access to the best of the food-scene, no matter where they live.

And that’s just what we’re like at Deliveroo, no compromise allowed and lots of food-inspired challenges to sink your teeth into. Out-of-the-box thinking is actively encouraged and we move quickly to make great ideas happen. We’re energetic, fast-paced and blow off steam with free-for-all Friday lunches.

It’s a formula that’s working too – we’re bringing great food to customers in 12 countries and 200 cities.


Reporting into the Director of Operations, you are responsible for overseeing performance and activity of the Live Operations team - the Live Operations Associates and Representatives; ensuring the Live Ops team prevents issues in our delivery network with efficient use of resources. A core component of the role is ongoing change management within the team (technology improvements and other operational or commercial changes), which improve efficiency and performance of the business.



  • Address issues in our delivery network - both as they occur, by optimally using internal tools, and over time, by surfacing problem areas to other teams such as Performance and Analytics, Network Insights, and Logistics Algorithms


    • Continuously identify opportunities for improvement - Manage team of Associates and Representatives to develop new processes, identify new problems within the network; oversee analysis of issues and improvements
    • Driving efficiency - Oversee scheduling and performance management of Live Operations Associates and Representatives


  • Communication - When things do go wrong in our network and Live Operations is unable to stop an issue, understanding why and how it happened and communicating that effectively to the wider business


  • Providing input to operations, product, comms and other HQ central departments  - Working with all the supporting departments to ensure both that the team has their needs catered for, and they are coordinated with upcoming changes to product, processes and strategy
  • Managing and leading – a team of Associates and representatives, giving them guidance, direction and coaching


Core competencies

  • Adaptable fixer - enthusiastic, flexible, and adaptable with the ability to remove barriers. Don’t slavishly follow processes if they aren’t right
  • Project management - know the basics of managing multiple projects ina structured and logical way
  • Effective communicator - outstanding interpersonal and business communication skills. Able to quickly establish gravitas and dynamics of our business
  • Analytical and strategic - able ‘think big’ as well as execute ‘on-the-fly’ via understanding the dynamics of our business
  • Track record of ‘getting shit done’ - operational knowledge of the business and how it works today.  Know when you have enough insight to make-a-call and apply the 80 / 20 rule – rapid high quality decisions
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