Vonage Engineering Mission

We embody the notion of be what’s next now! We envision, develop and manage technology to connect the world. Our team brings excellence, passion, creativity and curiosity to the job. We look at the business environment and technologies in new and challenging ways, striving to develop and deliver integrated whole-system solutions to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.


This role sits between the Development and Operations teams. Your objective is to overturn issues and allow things to run smoothly. It’s about finding the right way to get the right outcome. You’ll use a balance of different technologies, the right people and processes to solve the problems as they occur. You won’t be in it alone. Collaboration is at the core of this role, and you’ll know when to work closely with other teams to get optimum results. It’s about working together and reaching a communal delivery goal.  

In this role, you will be responsible for all aspects related to the reliability of our services:

  • Building software and systems to monitor, scale and deploy our distributed cloud services
  • Enabling continuous, safe and predictable releases of functionality to production
  • Designing & implementing infrastructure for collecting metrics, crunching data and improving service monitoring to detect problems before they're visible to our customers
  • Troubleshooting, performing root cause analysis, and resolving production issues from the application and network layers all the way down to the system level
  • This might include anything from digging into source code, hunting memory leaks, tracing bottlenecks in upstream networks, or database query optimisation
  • Advising other development teams when building new products so that they're scalable, maintainable, and perform as desired 


We don’t expect you to have all the answers on day one, but we do expect you to want to find them. You won’t stop until you find the right way of implementing solutions and you’ll get to the root of why things go wrong. 

As an ideal candidate, you:

  • Are a Software Engineer who also likes Systems Engineering, or a Systems Engineer (aka Operations Engineer) who also likes Software Engineering
  • Love solving problems of different shapes and sizes - these could be coding, performance, systems, distributed systems and/or design problems
  • Understand how to measure a systems performance and how to identify the metrics required to show that it's working as expected or when there is a problem
  • Get bored easily by repetitive tasks and by instinct will automate them so you can do more
  • Equally balance technology, people and process, since not all problems could be solved by writing code 

You’ll have:

  • Experience in automation & orchestration frameworks (we use Chef, but you could have used Puppet, Ansible, Salt)
  • Familiarity with one or more programming languages & one or more scripting languages
  • A proven track record in managing highly available, large scale production systems running on AWS or another cloud environment
  • Proficiency in administrating Linux systems
  • Experience in managing databases


In addition to providing exciting work, career advancement opportunities, and a collaborative work environment, Vonage provides competitive pay and benefits including volunteering days and tuition reimbursement.

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