We are looking for extremely talented and sharp scalability and load test engineer 

You will be defining and executing Performance non-functional tests for our Server AWS APIs.

If you have a passion for architecture and finding the limits of a product and  have a “do what it takes to win” mentality we would want to see you as part of our team. 

• Strong understanding of software engineering principles and fundamentals including data structures and algorithms.
• Deep understanding of concurrency and threading, operating system internals, and networking.
• Experience scaling large scale web applications. Good understanding of request processing, caching, queuing, data storage, partitioning, and replication. Demonstrated experience leveraging those understandings to solve scaling challenges.
• Proficient in at least one programming language (Python, Go, Java, C++), and ability to discuss trade-offs of a few programming languages.
• Self directed and detail oriented with ability to come up with thorough analysis of production issues or design proposals.
• B.S. in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent years of work experience
• Experience in the following areas:
• Request Processing: Restful API endpoint design principles, HTTP, TCP
• Caching: Memcache, Redis
• Relational Database: Postgres, or MySQL
• NoSQL Database: Cassandra, Dynamodb, Mongodb, etc
• Monitoring/Tracing/Profiling: Monitoring tools such as Datadog, Tracing tools such as Zipkin or Datadog APM

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