Box is growing rapidly and in order to reach every customer in the world, it’s critical for us to build a best in class Hardware Performance Engineering function to efficiently scale Box across a robust Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.
Why the team needs you
As the first System Performance Engineer on the Hardware Performance Engineering team, we need someone who is familiar with the industry standards and trends to work on the next generation of hardware/software to support our customers' needs as we scale the business. We need a driven, smart "Builder" familiar with industry leading best practices in Systems Engineering to help create and scale this function from the ground up.
You will be part of the broader Cloud Resource Engineering team including Capacity Engineering, Fulfillment/Supply Chain, and a few other functions.
Why Box needs you 
We're looking to you to build a program to ensure the company is identifying, selecting, qualifying, and productionalizing the most efficient, effective hardware for our data centers. With Server Hardware as one of the largest areas of spend at Box, you'll drive how we take our Hardware program from largely reactive and ad-hoc to being a strategic driver of cost efficiency that will change the financial trajectory of the entire company - while improving reliability.
Why you need Box
You will have the opportunity to apply your experience and knowledge of industry best practices to build your vision for the function from the ground up, and deliver business results at the highest levels of visibility.
You will interact with teams across the organization from Developers, SRE, Data Center, Networking, Strategic Sourcing, and Finance - to name a few. You will have plenty of interactions with senior leadership to showcase what you are capable of. Externally, you will have the opportunity to build your vision and develop relationships by leveraging VARs, manufacturers, and ODMs to build a holistic Hardware Program at Box. 
If you are looking for a challenge and willing to grab hold of opportunities by "rolling up your sleeves", this is the place to be.
Who you are
Experience & Skills
  • Solid understanding of X86 server architecture and components
  • Strong experience with selecting, qualifying, and productionalizing new Server Hardware and components
  • Strong experience debugging and fixing hardware issues
  • Development in Python
  • Identifying and implementing Firmware, BIOS, and OS level optimizations.
  • Knowledge of x86/ARM assembly programming, C/C++.
Key Responsibilities
  • Help qualify new Server platforms and components by integrating with existing Box provisioning and monitoring/management software
  • Partner with vendors to qualify and validate new Firmware and BIOS versions as needed
  • Improve efficiency by identifying and implementing low-level BIOS/Firmware/OS optimizations of key Box Applications on Box Hardware
  • Help debug issues 
  • Influence future hardware design and selection at Box.

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