Software Engineer (.Net)

Vonage Engineering Mission: We embody the notion of be what’s next now! We envision, develop and manage technology to connect the world. Our team brings excellence, passion, creativity and curiosity to the job. We look at the business environment and technologies in new and challenging ways, striving to develop and deliver integrated whole-system solutions to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.

Why this role matters:

We are looking for Software Engineers to work in the Call Center as a Service (CCaaS) Technology Team where you will be working on a global, multi-tenant, real-time service, with thousands of concurrent users. Our platform is constantly evolving, is 'always on' and as such supports continuous releases with no downtime.

Our Engineers build the infrastructure and business logic for the next generation of unified communication platforms. We work cross-functionally to understand business requirements, evaluate alternative approaches and ensure software and systems are accessible and easy to use. We live on the leading edge of system and component design, developing solutions that serve millions of users and businesses all over the world. Our Software Development team are constantly pushing the boundaries of performance and scalability.

What you will do

  • Create a performant, secure, scalable service that our customers will rave about
  • Continuously improve and automate the monitoring and deployment of our cloud service

Your focus will be on:

  • A global, multi-tenanted, real-time service, with thousands of concurrent users
  • A diverse technical environment, including both Windows and Linux based technologies
  • Advanced algorithms, including statistical analysis, machine learning and routing
  • A continuously evolving platform that supports weekly releases with no downtime 

What you will bring

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related field/ Or relevant experience
  • 6+ years of relevant experience building software using C#
  • Excellent communication skills, including writing, speaking and listening
  • Academic understanding and, ideally, some experience with writing, testing, debugging and perfecting code
  • Analytical skills to evaluate and interpret technical and system problems
  • Ability to analyze qualitative and quantitative information
  • Work effectively with technical and non-technical people
  • Insatiable curiosity
  • Passion about delivering excellence 

Processes & Tools 

Vonage has a long track record of applying Lean and Agile practices like Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment and SAFe.

We employ engineers that can use a breadth of technologies and languages to create secure, scalable and maintainable solutions. Key technologies in our portfolio are: 

  • Backend: C#, C++, Node.js, Golang, .Net Core
  • Frontend: ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript with React.js and Redux 
  • APIs: RESTful APIs, Oauth2 
  • Data Management: MySQL, Couchbase, Redis, Parameter Store 
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ, AWS SNS/SQS 
  • CI/CD: Chef, Jenkins, Terraform 
  • Source Control: Git
  • Platform analytics: Influx, Kapacitor, Telegraf, Grafana, New Relic, OpsView, Papertrail, ELK 
  • Containers: Docker, ECS, future Kubernetes 


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