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Who are we and what do we do?

InMobi is a global provider of cloud-based intelligent mobile platforms for enterprise marketers. As we embark on an ambitious and audacious journey of Inmobi 3.0 with the more complex global business models that throw bigger challenges due its sheer scale and distributed nature, we make sure everything we do here is centred around putting customer needs first. We do this through a deep understanding of people, which is enabled through our algorithms that respect privacy. Today, some of the world's largest brands, enterprises, agencies, developers and publishers are creating great value by using our platforms to reach exact people they care about. Convert mobile moments into opportunities for growing their business.

Currently, we provide over 1.6 billion mobile users with relevant advertisements that enable meaningful decisions. We display 8 billion of advertisements on a daily basis. That's 1 advertisement for every individual in the world - and we're working on taking this number to more than 1 for every individual that's ever walked the earth!!

Your role as Principal Product Designer?

InMobi is building best-in-its-class technology platforms that will help enterprise marketers gain exclusive access to mobile intelligence and create new paths to understand, identify, engage and acquire consumers. A typical journey of our enterprise user will involve business processes that span multiple tools and hence the need to seamlessly move users and customer data in and out of different tools. Consequently, keeping the product experience integrated and yet permeable across platforms, becomes paramount. 

You will play a key leadership role in leading the next phases of our customer centered innovation and help put mechanisms in place that ensures a seamless experience for the customer as he/she journeys through the platform experiences of 

    • Pulse & Audiences that help understand & identify target consumers and 


  • Exchange & DSP that help grow business by engaging and acquiring high-quality target users at scale


You will see through a broad spectrum of related workflows across our platforms and help create a unified but flexible user experience across different workflows

You will be seeing the experience to consumers as an outcome of a perfect blend of business design, user research, problem framing, design thinking, information architecture, interaction design, visual and motion design, yet you will be able to inspire the team with your deep expertise in a minimum of one or many of the core facets of product design.  

Your approach to solving a given challenge will not be in isolation instead you will be seeing it as a smaller piece to a larger puzzle. Thinking in systems is your usual way. 

As you craft the experience for our customers, you will set the bar at a level that not only ensures shipping top-class quality products but also helps position InMobi as one of the best enterprise design organisations. 

From being focused on design as an output, we have transitioned into using design to influence organizational mindset.This is an ongoing process and you will play a major role in providing thought leadership, while we experiment with the processes, tools, collaboration techniques and approaches to design. 

You will define the design process playbook that helps in choosing the right approach appropriate for a given challenge solved with design.

You will mentor fellow designers and provide thought leadership across the organisation in the process elevating design as leaders in product ideation and innovation. 


You will get stakeholder buy-in for your design not by presenting and doing a design walkthrough but by narrating a compelling business story that weaves together the customer need and business opportunity with a good mix of customer emotions that best articulates your human-centered approach.


You will demonstrate and communicate the value-first  user centered design efforts in a simple to understand jargon free narrative to business leaders and stakeholders.


What do we expect from you?

  • A mentality to operate as a design founder of a given product, owning the responsibility on all aspects of the product experience.
  • Simply delivering is not to be called as done, while delighting with your output can be called as a decent attempt. But what is really expected of you is to “Help customer win in their businesses”.
  • Being honest and having the courage at all times to say what you truly think, how much ever it is different. Strong teams are built on different perspectives.
  • Rather than getting bogged down by perfection, you will ensure no element in the product is either hidden or overly celebrated and it is given the right emphasis it deserves to help customers meet their business goals.
  • You will be able to work through the length & breadth of product design with ease. From finding the right problem worthy of business impact to putting together a prototype that help experience your solution in best of its form. You are a strategic thinker and at the same time execute with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. 
  • Lead the fellow designers and Inspire them with excellence in your work. 
  • You should lead the team in evangelising the design value within the organisation and also in broadcasting it externally to a wider audience through your participation in external forums representing InMobi Design.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills to ensure you establish a shared understanding of your approach with your stakeholders.
  • Enjoy a fast-paced high-energy environment, where the only thing constant is change.
  • Must have a minimum of 8 years experience in product design. What also matters to us is the number of product experiences you had successfully shipped in your professional life and the impact you were able to create so far. If you have a proven record of establishing design systems in place that ensures seamless product design execution at scale across multiple product lines, that will be a big plus. 


Get to know our Design Organisation:
Product design practitioners here at InMobi come from diverse backgrounds such as psychology, content strategy, engineering, fine arts, visual communication etc and are passionately self-taught. 

Our approach, our efforts and our outcome and everything we do here at InMobi Design is aligned to the vision:
“We design to create true-to-human value and we do it delightfully together”

It is not about creating the delight for the end consumers but also keeping the whole process delightful while we work with our product, engineering and business stakeholders in identifying the problem worth solving for the consumers & business on a global scale. Be it solving for seamless customer experience, simple workflows or novel yet intuitive interaction paradigms, the product design team always strive to keep the bar higher.

Get to know the InMobi family?

We are an infectious bunch. Be it the way we rise up to challenges, the cutting-edge products we create, the dreams we chase or the fun we have at work. We are sure that if you meet us, you will be infected too. From being the leaders in Mobile advertising we have taken on the new journey to be one of the best enterprise platform solutions providers for mobile marketers and we are sure to go even higher from here. We invite you to free yourself, dream big and chase your passion. In the process be you and stand for what you are. We are here today because a few of us did just that.

What can we promise?  

We offer an opportunity to have an immediate impact on the lives of marketers, our enterprise customers. Modern work environment, flexible schedule and smart, creative, down-to-earth people. Internal opportunities to move roles and try out bridge assignments with different teams.  Food for your soul – free meals all days of the week, gym or Yoga class to flex those biceps, cocktails at drink cart Thursdays and fun at work on Funky Fridays. We even promise to let you bring your kids and pets to work.


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