We think healthcare is a communication industry

50 years ago, healthcare was a lot simpler and could be delivered by individuals. Now a patient can be looked after by tens of staff, working for different organisations. We're building a platform where doctors, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, carers and anyone else involved in a patient's care can communicate easily with patients and with each other. We believe this will transform how healthcare is delivered, improving patient outcomes, improving staff morale and improving the efficiency of health systems.

We're a diverse team, who love solving hard problems

We're a rapidly growing team with backgrounds ranging from healthcare and consulting to software and non-profits. What brings us together is an obsession with improving the health system.

We currently work 1 minute from Haggerston station, super close to Shoreditch but further enough away to not feel the hustle and bustle of Zone 1. It's a brand new office and has been designed by us to collaborate, focus and relax in.


Want to know more about our journey and where we started? That's in our rough and ready Culture Deck 

Question about company policies, processes or our team? You'll probably find it in our Employee Handbook 

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Our values


1. On a mission

Everything we do should contribute to making patients healthier, staff happier and health systems more efficient.

For example, we focus on unmet need and avoid building things that other companies have already built.

2. Always collaborating

We optimise for team success over individual success. Everyone’s problems are my problems.

For example, everyone spends one morning a month on customer support. This helps us all understand what our users need

3. Kaizen (AKA Continuous improvement)

We’re always iterating to make things better: culture, processes, products... When things don't work out as planned, we learn from it. These improvements are everyone's responsibility, from the day they join.

For example, every two weeks we reflect as a whole team on what has and hasn’t gone well, and put in place improvements to address these

4. Responsible ownership

We take pride in our work, individually and as a team, and act responsibly, even when nobody is watching.

We're problem solvers with a bias for action, who love a good challenge.

We don't cut corners when it comes to security, safety or quality.

For example, every week we demo what we’ve been working on to the rest of the team.

5. Balance

We know that we do our best work when we're healthy and happy outside of work.

For example, we don’t have a ‘long hours’ culture and trust our team to work hard and deliver. Lots of us go for a run in the middle of the day.


Our Benefits:

  1. Work on building a better healthcare system, with a thoughtful, smart and driven team.
  2. Meaningful share options, so you have a share in our success.
  3. 28 days holiday (plus bank holidays).
  4. Flexible start and end to your day. We trust you to be productive and own your work :)
  5. We provide breakfast and a constant supply of fruit, snacks and drinks in the office.
  6. We provide lunch every day. We're pescatarian
  7. Monthly team dinners, we alternate between cooking in the office and heading out to local restaurants. Team favourites include making our own sushi, pizza and pasta!
  8. Time on the frontline - Everyone visits a GP practice at least twice a quarter to truly understand how a practice runs, the difficulties they face with technologies and how we can help.
  9. Spill - we provide access to confidential sessions with a qualified therapist, to help support good mental health.
  10. Tyve - is a payroll giving scheme, where you can make a pre-tax donation to a portfolio of charities of your choice. 
  11. Office yoga, team runs & HIIT classes.
  12. Annual week-long Summer Retreat, with partners and kids invited for the weekend.
  13. £500 annual wellness bonus - to support both physical and mental health. Use this for anything from gym memberships to meditation apps.
  14. Cycle to work scheme.
  15. Pension scheme


Why is a diverse and inclusive workplace so important to us?

Each health system is made up of a diverse workforce, serving 100% of the population. We are building for them, not us. We can only transform health systems if we build a diverse team, rich with different backgrounds, opinions and personalities. We are an equal opportunities employer and a pleasant and supportive place to work. We particularly welcome applications from those who are significantly underrepresented in the technology sector, such as women, trans people, non-binary people, people with disabilities and people from black and underrepresented ethnic communities.


Current Job Openings

Business Operations

Head of People
London, England, United Kingdom
Partnerships Analyst
London, England, United Kingdom
Partnerships Lead - Trusts
London, England, United Kingdom
User Support Specialist
London, England, United Kingdom

Customer Success

Customer Success Account Manager
London, England, United Kingdom


Operations Analyst
London, England, United Kingdom


Clinical Lead
London, England, United Kingdom


DevOps Engineer
London, England, United Kingdom
Product Engineer in Health Tech
London, England, United Kingdom
Product Engineer in Internal Tech
London, England, United Kingdom
Senior Back End Engineer
London, England, United Kingdom
Senior Front End Engineer
London, England, United Kingdom

Marketing / Digital Content

Head of Communications
London, England, United Kingdom

Product Design & Management

Product Designer
London, England, United Kingdom
Product Manager
London, England, United Kingdom

User Research

User Researcher
London, England, United Kingdom

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