Palta is a company builder and ecosystem of world-class mobile consumer health products. Over the last 5 years Palta has launched such fabulous companies as Flo (global leader in female health apps with 37 mln MAU), Prisma (app of the year 2016, 150+ mln downloads), Simple Fasting (#1 fasting app in the US). Palta is a unique community of founders, investors and world-class experts focused on mobile consumer products. Palta apps are used by over 100M health-aware people around the world.

Our portfolio consists of 9 startups that operate in UK, USA, EU, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and have more than 600 employees in total.

Palta is not an investor, we consider ourselves as co-founders and are deeply operational and hands-on.

Paced is a new take on a personal productivity tool: something beyond just a to-do list or a habit-builder. Its ultimate goal is to create a schedule that truly understands you, your ups and downs, and to help you plan your day in this respect: maximize productivity without neglecting personal life, sleep and rest. And do that repeatedly every day. Happy, balanced life is a marathon, not a sprint.

We do that by combining a time-blocking approach with auto-planning, data from your calendar and wearables, analyzing circadian patterns, and applying behavioral science on top of all of that.

Role Overview

Currently, Paced is in closed beta with 100+ users, who were really motivated to try the app, so they didn’t care if something was not at the right place or was buggy. While that could work for the beta, it is not scalable for the released software.

That's where you come in!

As our Head of Product, your first goal would be to review all the current flows and features, develop, prioritize and test proposed changes, test onboarding with the real users and validate the metrics’ collection, so we can be ready for a smooth release. 

But the more challenging work starts after: as soon as there are real users in our app, you would need to observe the numbers, and form a set of new hypotheses to test and validate, and build a roadmap as a result. 

Or propose us a better plan. That is the luxury of working in an early-stage startup: taking responsibility and executing without any long bureaucracy cycles.

Organizationally, you will work together with the CEO and the lead designer. As such, you'll need to be comfortable owning all our product activities at first. However, if you can make a good case, we're open to bringing more people under your supervision.


Paced is a novel approach to time management in general, so there are no direct competitors. But the whole area of personal productivity is highly overcrowded with tools and techniques.

The main challenge here would be to position the app that it’s clear from the beginning — your productivity doesn’t equal more work. We want our users to balance their career and life and not pushing their days to the limits running themselves to a possible burnout.

To succeed as our Head of Product, you'll have to empathize with remote workers and understand why they value their flexible schedule so much. But there is no silver bullet for productivity-related issues, so you need to be ready to experiment a lot to see what activates and works best as a result for different users depending on their life contexts.

About you

  • You’ve done something like this before. Big plus if it was related to mobile apps.
  • You’re great at understanding the direction and figuring the plan by yourself.
  • You’re great at wearing different “hats” every day, and it is clear to you that roles can be blurry sometimes at early-stage startups.

Why you might not want to work with us

  • We’re currently small, don’t have many polished processes and a clear waterfall plan for a couple of years ahead.
  • You don’t care about productivity, time management, and self-reflection.
  • You’re blocked without having a big team reporting to you.

Why you might want to work with us

  • We’re fully remote, without layers of bureaucracy. We don’t do meetings just for the sake of meetings.
  • You can have a massive impact from day one.
  • You’ll be one of the first hires at an early-stage startup that can grow fast. If you ever thought about starting your own thing one day, that could be a great simulator.

Why is working with us awesome?

  • A passionate and highly skilled international team
  • Palta is a large and rapidly growing Health&Fitness tech holding with a proven track record of developing great products
  • Equity for each team member with a clear “exit strategy“
  • Market level comp

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