位概述/Job Summary


The SDET Team Leader will be leading a team of SDETs, building enterprise grade Tests with different platforms, and using appropriate testing methodology on different applications. The SDET Team Lead is responsible for supervising their team members through coaching, mentorship, they are responsible for the development of their team members and for the overall performance of their teams as well as shaping the technical road map and standards for iHerb’s applications.

期工作目/Job Expectations:

  • 杂软件和系的所有(架构/设计/施和部署/负责

Responsible for the ownership (architecture/design/implementation and deployments) of complex software components and systems

  • 遵循安全方案和网页应用安全最佳做法

Follow secure programming and web application security best practices

  • 遵循通常的CI/CD做法

Regular practice of CI/CD

  • 领导团队件架构与设计工作

Lead the team’s software architecture and design

  • 为团队提供件最佳做法(设计写代、解决问题、工作故障、工作估、代重构策略、自动测试)方面的指

Coach the team on software best practices (design, coding, troubleshooting, work breakdown, work estimation, refactor strategies, automated testing, etc.)

  • 须为各个级别工提供指

Must be able to mentor all levels

  • 与其他团队合作,化系架构,提高目效率

Work closely with the other teams to optimize system architecture and project efficiency

  • 理合作,制定工作和化方案

Partner with our Product Owner to plan work and prioritization

  • 为团队的开工作提供指,以实现项目的利交付


Provide technical leadership to teammates through coaching and mentorship.

  • 形成良好例和习惯团队的高件开发质

Maintain high standards of software quality within the team by establishing good practices and habits.

  • 定期更新团队项目和业绩信息

Provide regular updates on projects and team performance

  • 识别并鼓励团队员发现业务点和改

Identify and encourage areas for growth and improvement within the team.

  • 助其他团队收集、记录要求,开、估方案和工作

Assist in the collection and documentation of user's requirements, development of user stories, estimates and work plans.

  • 件状、运行和维护告、手册及其他文件

Prepare reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software.

  • 根据既定设计、开发应用,对应测试

Design, develop, and unit test applications in accordance with established standards.

  • 参加同行代码审查表意和建,与其他成合作,增加用的价

Collaborates and adds value through participation in peer code reviews, providing comments and suggestions

  • 布的件打包并提供支持

Package and support deployment of releases.

  • 分析并解决技问题

Analyze and resolve technical and application problems.

  • 用和流程改的机会,用的基本原理文件,与团队及其他相关方分享成果

Assess opportunities for application and process improvement and prepare documentation of rationale to share with team members and other affected parties.

  • 在根据算按交付解决方案,要遵守高量开

Adhere to high-quality development principles while delivering solutions on time and on budget.

  • 向用提供三支持

Provide third-level support to users.

  • 在其他区工作灵活安排工作

Flexible schedule to work with other time zones

  • 团队的以下工作:制定源分配划,答复假要求,及相关信息

Must supervise their team’s personnel matters: scheduling resources, time off requests, recognition on a timely and consistent basis

  • 团队的工作效率,在必要提供建性的反和指

Monitor team members productivity and provide constructive feedback and coaching as needed

  • 负责团队效管理(每季度反一次)

Responsible for performance management of their team members (quarterly feedback)

  • 配合人力源部招聘、培训团队人才的工作

Work with HR in hiring and training top talent for their teams

  • 充当团队和管理系人

Serve as a link between team members and the management team

  • 根据工作需要出差

Travel may be required

  • 研究、估各类软

Research and evaluate a variety of software products



The duties and responsibilities described above may provide only a partial description of this position. This is not an exhaustive list of all aspects of the job. Other duties and responsibilities not outlined in this document may be added as necessary or desirable, with or without notice.

、技能和能力/Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • 有流利的口面英沟通技能

Solid communication skills, fluent read and written English skills

  • 掌握系架构、最佳做法和设计模式

  • Full lifecycle application test executions and ability to optimize

  • 完整生命周期的用程序测试以及

  • Automation Framework modeling and design

  • 测试平台建模和设计

  • Lead test plans and test cases independent for the company level

  • 领导基于公司面的测试计划和设计

  • Support, maintain and document test plan/test cases/test results

  • 支持,维护记录测试计划,测试案例,以及测试结

  • Build automation components for domain/team needs , for example the load test scripts, mock services, for particular team/domains

  • 建立基于域或团队需求的自件,如不同需求的团队设计不同的测试,模仿


  • Design /develop test automations using cloud native frameworks

  • 设计/化基于云端的测试平台

  • Engage in product and development design , find issues in early phase for site performance, user experiences, usability problems and drive qualities by introducing more into testing to prevent

  • 掌握分布式系和云架构(SOASQL/NoSQLMicro ServicesMessage QueueDocker)的设计

Strong knowledge of design and implementation of distributed systems and cloud based architectures (SOA, SQL/NoSQL, Micro Services, Message Queue, Docker, etc.)

  • 发团队造灵感

Ability to inspire team

  • 有表达件架构和设计水平和能力

Expert knowledge of and ability to communicate software architecture and design principles

  • 写可测试软件的

Expert in writing testable software

  • 业务逻辑UI解耦的设计模式

Expert in design patterns which decouple the UI from the business logic

  • 此前曾担任目(从目启到成功布)整个流程的技术负责

Proven track record being technical lead of software projects from inception to successful release


Strong knowledge in CI/CD systems

  • 精通面向

Proficient with Object Oriented programming

  • 有管理团队经验

Experience leading a team

  • 有源代控制系方面的经验

Experience with source control systems

  • 有敏捷开方面的经验

Experience with agile development methodologies

  • 有漏洞解决、性能分析和化的经验

Experience with debugging, performance profiling and optimization

  • 发现方案、系、程序的方法

Strong initiative to find ways to improve solutions, systems, and processes

  • 写、量程序

Writes and implements quality procedures.

  • 管理团队的以下日常事:制定源分配划,答复假要求,及相关信息

Must be able to manage the team’s day to day matters: scheduling resources, time off requests, feedback on a timely consistent basis

  • 团队的工作效率,在必要提供建性的反和指

Monitor team members productivity and provide constructive feedback and coaching as needed

  • 负责团队效管理(每季度反一次)

Responsible for performance management of their team members (quarterly feedback)

  • 配合人力源部招聘、培训团队人才的工作

Work with HR in hiring and training top talent for their teams

  • 充当团队和管理系人

Serve as a link between team members and the management team

  • 根据工作需要出差

Travel may be required

  • 研究、估各类软

Research and evaluate a variety of software products



  • 有与团队有效合作的经验

Experience effectively working with remote teams

  • 有用界面设计和原型方面的经验

Experience with user interface design and prototyping

  • 子商务经验

Experience with e-commerce

  • C#/.Net, Java


工作经验要求/Experience Requirements:


Generally, requires a minimum of five (5) to ten (10) years of experience with software development, design patterns, software architecture

教育背景要求/Education Requirements:


Bachelor’s Degree required. An emphasis in Computer Science is preferred

判断/推理能力/Judgment/Reasoning Ability:


Able to identify, troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly using sound judgment, poise and diplomacy. Ability to use judgment and reasoning skills, and determine when to escalate issues, as required, in a timely manner

身体要求/Physical Demands:


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