As a Growth Strategist you are responsible for realizing growth & product success of our clients’ products. You do this by defining, setting up and analysing specific growth experiments that aim to boost the product’s important metrics.


Set up growth strategies for our clients

  • You assemble the client’s business objectives and translate them into actionable important metrics
  • Based on the important metrics and product stage, you advise & decide on the frameworks and strategies to be used to grow the product in a meaningful and scalable way

Set up structured growth experiments

  • Based on the desired important metrics to boost (acquisition, activation, engagement, retention, revenue), you define and prioritise structured growth experiments
  • In order to successfully boost the desired metrics, you seamlessly bridge product and marketing initiatives
  • You assist the design & engineering team in effectively implementing the experiments
  • You analyse the performance of each experiment to draw data-informed conclusions
  • You translate your conclusions into recommendations that can grow the product in a meaningful and scalable way

Understand people's motivation and subconscious biases

  • In defining growth strategies, you work from people’s motivations and subconscious biases in order to detect, relocate or remove any friction they might have in using the product
  • You aim to realize meaningful and sustainable product growth by aligning the growth strategy on people’s fundamental needs and motivations


  • You have 3 years experience working with digital products, services or product marketing
  • A formal background in (behavioural) psychology is highly preferred
  • You are familiar with the processes, tools and frameworks used to realize product growth
  • You have a deep understanding of people’s motivations, subconscious biases and triggers
  • You think strategically in a way that you can translate data into actionable insights and experiments
  • You can express yourself, your ideas and your work fluently in Dutch and English
  • You love giving presentations and trainings to colleagues and clients
  • You are able to prioritise, you can handle several projects and many different tasks in an organised way.

Additional information:

On a personal level we are looking for a colleague who shares our values.

  • Ownership: Working at In The Pocket means accepting a high level of autonomy. You take ownership and show the ability to decide and act for the good of the company.
  • Integrity: Stick to your values, even when it doesn’t pay off in the short term. In The Pocket relies on trust and openness, which in turn relies on your integrity.
  • Lead & Educate: Digital technologies are changing the world. We go all in, head-first. We take the lead in designing and building with emerging technologies. Weshare our passion and knowledge with as many people as possible.
  • Agility: In The Pocket is permanently under construction. We never settle, it’s never done. Observing, adapting and improving is in our nature. That resonates with the people who work here. We are always looking for a better solution, always ready for the next step, pragmatic and committed to move forward.
  • Team: As individuals we are bright and talented, as a team we’re unbeatable. We are open and positive, constructive and honest. We help and inspire ourcolleagues to do their best work.

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