In VaynerMedia, our account executives are exceptional client service people. They collaborate to run and support the day-to-day management and organization of specific projects as well as the overall account management. They have high meticulous attention to detail and are working on establishing strong client relationships by showing capabilities that they understand the business and competitive landscape.

EXPERTISE - The skills and knowledge needed to excel in your role.

  • Shows deep knowledge and understanding of the services required by specific clients and work towards collaboration to achieve a common goal.
  • Involves self in direct external client communication for various clients, often with oversight from manager, with enthusiasm.
  • Builds rapport and trust with key stakeholders (clients, platforms, internal teams, partners agencies, etc.)
  • Manages urgent client deliverables and tight deadlines to ensure proper stewardship.
  • Delivers presentations aligned to the VaynerX principles standard.
  • Manages communication with clients and can solve most issues, but knows when to escalate to senior team members.
  • Assists the day to day delivery of specific project/campaign objectives.


EXECUTION - Your ability to prioritise and deliver effectively with autonomy.

  • Delivers work independently on all tasks and achieves results at pace with energy and drive.
  • Actively participate in collaboration sessions with other teams.
  • Executes strong sense of priority level and urgency; and knows how to act on the critical difference between the two.
  • Operates the ongoing performance of different tasks or projects, as well as understanding and ownership of internal processes for quality assurance .
  • Administers agreed goals or projects by dealing to challenges in a responsive and constructive way.
  • Strives for zero mistakes or flagged internal process issues on work output.


COMMUNICATION - Your ability to effectively interact, manage and inspire those around us.

  • Fosters positive internal communication and collaboration with all internal teams.
  • Ensures presented ideas are clear and understood.
  • Highlights new ideas to the team and external stakeholders when appropriate.
  • Provides clear, professional, timely and helpful information to the team or external clients and partners.


STRATEGIC THINKING -Your ability to forecast decision outcomes and conduct sound business judgment.

  • Regulates flexibility in suggestions or improvements to plans and workflow based on an understanding of the stakeholders objectives.
  • Analyzes complex materials, issues, scenarios and make concise, relevant recommendations
  • Identifies and addresses potential challenges quickly and develops action plans, escalating appropriately.
  • Continues self-directed knowledge exploration.


ADAPTABILITY - Our ability to change, be curious and naturally resilient to this ever changing world.

  • Seeks training and support from senior team members actively.
  • Appreciates the challenge of taking on new or unfamiliar tasks, seeking input from others and experimenting with ideas
  • Identifies areas of improvement while performing tasks and pro-actively seeks to improve them

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