ROLE: Copywriter 


Client - The Guardian



The Copywriter creates intelligent, witty and hardworking  copy all forms of printed collateral, email and digital campaigns, social media, presentations, and advertising. Reporting to the Creative Director, the Copywriter sits within a team of 12 creatives across design, motion, conceptual and artwork.



Can produce beautiful written copy for emails, banners, DM, social media, direct mail, marketing campaigns in the brand’s witty and intelligent tone of voice. A proven conceptual and strategic thinker, brimming with good creative ideas.




  • Has superior attention to detail, a hatred of typos, and a love of grammar
  • A confident verbal communicator who loves to tell stories
  • Can craft a headline, short and long copy, and a rousing manifesto.
  • Relishes the opportunity to write decks and present them stakeholders 
  • Has good listening skills
  • Ability to interpret, understand and simplify complex briefs 
  • Can take on board feedback and criticism



  • A natural team player
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent, and self-motivated
  • Unafraid to voice their opinions
  • Integrate with our intelligent, hard-working, and fun-loving creative department and company
  • Can build trust and respectful relationships with the client and rest of the team 
  • Can manage time and expectations effectively
  • Good knowledge of the industry, emerging technologies, and award-winning campaigns
  • 5+ years of copywriting and conceptual experience in: 
  • Long copy 
  • eCRM
  • Digital 
  • Print 



Many companies talk about having a unique and thriving business model, but the Inside Ideas Group truly does. This means that we have been named in the top 500 of the Financial Times fastest-growing companies in Europe 2018!

What IIG does is provide clients with dedicated, on-site agencies that are built from the ground up. These agencies live and work right at the very heart of our client’s organisation. Delivering precisely the skills and capacity they require, complemented by brand talent from our whole business on everything from planning to execution

This business model creates a truly entrepreneurial, fast paced, challenging and rewarding environment to work in!



We are a company built on our values, we have given you a brief overview below but would love to tell you more.


Be Ambitious to succeed

Be Imaginative to push the boundaries of what’s possible

Be Inspirational to do groundbreaking work

Be always learning and listening to understand

Be Results-focused to exceed expectations


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