Principal SDE, Platform Engineering Group

Location: Bangalore


CommerceIQ is a well-funded, Series C growth stage start-up that helps consumer brands grow their business on e-commerce channels (like Amazon, Walmart) using advanced algorithms and machine learning technology. We help consumer brands win shoppers at the moment of purchase by algorithmically managing supply chain, demand forecasting, promotions and advertising spend, fraud listing detection, content optimization and other aspects that help shoppers make online purchase decisions. 


In 2020, CoVid 19 affected every business, few positively and many negatively. However, E-commerce adoption has gone through the roof and we have seen e-commerce spend grow from 15% to 25% of retail spend in just 8 weeks! (Compare this to a decade that it took to grow e-commerce adoption from 5 to 15%). This put us in a unique situation and provided a huge opportunity for us to help brands grow significantly on e-commerce channels.


At the back of strong product-market fit and a change in human behaviour due to CoVid that buoyed e-commerce, we tripled our revenue consecutively in 2019 and 2020. More than 50 consumer brands use our product to drive e-commerce growth. Our customers include named brands like Bayer Healthcare, J&J, Nestle, Hamilton Beach, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Kellogg, Kimberly Clark, Colgate, Mars, Inc. and many others.


Our focus in 2021 is to heavily invest in our engineering, product and customer success capability to bolster our product, make our customers successful and establish ourselves as a market leader in this rapidly growing market!

Principal Engineer Profile: 

Top consumer brands like Nestle, Kimberly Clark, Natures Bounty, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez, Kellogg to name a few rely on CommerceIQ suite of products to make efficient business decisions on a daily basis. It is critical to have high quality data and algorithms that drive business decisions for our customer in a timely manner. As a principal engineer you are responsible for building scalable,extensible data extraction, ingestion and computation platforms on cloud for CommerceIQ’s applications and data science teams. 


In this role, you will work with a competent team of SDEs and partner with engineering managers to achieve CommerceIQ’s QoQ goals. As a principal, you will play a crucial role in reviewing designs, building the best practices for software engineering, bringing in the latest technology and implementing metric driven technical processes to deliver the best for our customers.


The successful candidate will be obsessed with technology and relentlessly raise the bar on the architecture, design and quality of scode delivered while aggressively pursuing optimisations to meet customer SLAs. The candidate should be capable of managing a fast-paced delivery schedule and influence and drive a high-level engineering strategy with the leadership, as well as take a hands-on approach to implementing that strategy.


Our product suite covers the entire lifecycle of e-commerce optimization including CommerceIQ Sales, Advertising and other upcoming products. In this role you will work with tech leads in the platform engineering group that provides data for all CIQ suites of products that drive a profound impact on how consumer brands sell and optimize their e-commerce presence and help drive millions of dollars in ROI. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, know how to deliver, are deeply technical, highly innovative, and long for the opportunity to build pioneering solutions to challenging problems, this role is for you. Come help us build  an automated e-commerce optimization suite of products!


Functional level Expectations

  • You should be able to work in situations where the technology strategy is unclear and use your prior expertise and judgment to determine goals, identify constraints, and propose an actionable plan. 
  • Your work is typically focused on multiple team architecture and product solutions. 
  • You should be able to lead the design and implementation that are extensible and scalable
    • For a unified data platform that will help us source data from a myriad of external services/sources (UI,API,SFTP) and ingest the same in data warehouses. 
    • For data harvesting and scraping solutions that can be scaled, extended to meet the data refresh SLAs of application and data science teams. 
    • For a computation platform that runs on top of this ingested data in the warehouse which will enable CiQ developers to write re-usable SQL or Python modules.
  • You should possess advanced knowledge of AWS and other software design approaches to guide the devops team in designing infrastructure that caters to scale, concurrency.
  • You should be able to influence as a “team lead”, management decisions and priorities and actively mentor to create force multipliers
  • You should drive teams to adhere to engineering best practices in SDLC like code coverage, acceptance testing, CI/CD and design patterns that ensure consistency and standardisation of architecture
  • You should be able to work in situations where the technology strategy is unclear and use your prior expertise and judgment to determine goals, identify constraints, and propose an actionable plan. 
  • You should proactively simplify code, identify bottlenecks and resolve team architecture deficiencies. 
  • You should be able to work along with other SDEs on their team, build relationships with stakeholders including customers, product managers, cross functional partners and external partners and integrate for a cohesive launch. 


Required Skills

  • At least 8-10 years of technology experience including 5+ years of design and solutions/application architecture experience in a range of technologies. 
  • Ideal candidate should have owned and released multiple SaaS/B2C product that handled scale and was a critical system
  • Deep knowledge of Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC
  • Deep knowledge in design, creation and consumption of RESTful API, Micro service architectures on public clouds preferably AWS
  • Deep Knowledge in writing SQL queries and analysing query runtimes that interact with data warehouse systems such as Snowflake, Redshift. 
  • Excellent analytical, communication and coding skills is a must.
  • Thorough orientation towards code reviews, coding/design standards and documentation (javadoc, swagger, postman collections)
  • Good knowledge in designing with messaging systems such as SQS, Kafka.
  • Good knowledge of any big data engine like Spark would be an advantage.
  • Experience in css, xpath, javascript, selenium is desirable.
  • Experience in designing ETL systems using airflow, azkaban workflows is desirable.
  • Experience in ecommerce industry is desirable

Below is a brief description of the various teams under platform

Data Harvesting Platform

DataHarvesting platform collects competitive data for our customers from over 3+ million ecommerce pages across 40+ retailers. It extracts about 40-100 data points from each of these pages. The platform integrates with several third party data sources and also inhouse harvesters. It needs to evolve and integrate with more third party crawlers in future while constantly optimising for cost and data refresh SLA. The charter also includes designing a robust inhouse harvester which will be critical for business continuity.

Data Platform

DataPlatform is responsible for ingesting data from several vendors like Amazon, Walmart, Criteo etc. The sites publish data via various data sources like API, UI, SFTP, Kinesis etc. The charter of this team is to scale and ingest data from the growing list of sources into a data warehouse whilst keeping the ingestion SLA as close to the time the data is made available by the source.

Computation Platform

CiQ provides a variety of eCommerce insights, recommendations to its customers. These are powered by a lot of sql queries and python modules. The charter is to build a robust computation platform that allows CiQ developers to develop reusable, efficient, fast workflows without having to worry about intricacies of schema, sql plan etc. This computation platform has to scale to the needs of our developer base and also cater to the refresh SLAs of our growing customer base.

Infra Platform

All our services run on cloud (AWS). The charter here is to constantly adopt the latest technology in DevOps world. Challenges are to cater to the scale of our growth by using K8s, ease the developer pain by using CI/CD, maintain our security and compliance standards like SOC2, while devising mechanisms to keep cloud costs in check.

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