At AVADO, our Purpose is Unlocking potential and changing lives and we are looking for somebody who is passionate about driving and facilitating change within the business to achieve our purpose…sound interesting? Keep reading…

WHO DO WE NEED? Tom Hewlett-Taylor, our Head of Data & Integration, is looking for a Senior Data Scientist.

This is a hands-on technical role working as part of the data and integration team.

This context for this hire is that we have a burgeoning data science team, with masses of potential, that need stewardship to help them deliver some hugely exciting projects including a tool that predicts learner outcomes, a chatbot, and many more.


To be successful in this role you will be accountable for:

  • Leading and managing a team of extremely bright graduate and junior data scientists
  • Analysing existing business processes, information systems and the flow of data therein
  • Evaluating data sources to determine their suitability for data science
  • Identifying opportunities for high-impact data projects
  • Applying data science techniques and algorithms to gain new insight into data
  • Building models that make predictions and decisions to solve business problems
  • Integrating models into production systems



People Management

  • You can demonstrate a passion for excellent people management, aligned to AVADO’s values of Accountability, Care, Empowerment, Ambition and Transparency
  • You are able to mentor junior and mid-level team members.
  • With guidance from a team lead or senior manager, you are able to line manage more junior team members, performing functions such as performance reviews and one-to-ones.

Data Analysis and Statistical Reasoning

  • You have a deep understanding of statistical techniques and can apply mathematical rigour to help make decisions using them, where appropriate.
  • You have a level of intuition about statistical techniques, which, when combined with domain knowledge, means you usually make good decisions about which lines of attack to take in data analysis.

Software Engineering

  • You are able to structure the code for an entire data science project.
  • You can choose the right libraries, frameworks and tools for a project.
  • You understand programming best practice, including principles such as SOLID.
  • You help instill good programming practices in the wider team.

Optimisation and High Performance Computing

  • You can apply distributed computing using models such as MapReduce.

Machine Learning Pipelines

  • You can architect an entire machine learning pipeline, and justify the design choices made.
  • You have good knowledge of best practice.


  • You have a comprehensive knowledge of data science algorithms, and can choose the right ones to apply in most situations.
  • You understand the inner workings of most algorithms and can customise them to suit your needs, or code them from scratch if necessary.

Visual Communication

  • You can use your toolkit of visualisation techniques to construct compelling narratives using data


  • You can make use of techniques like exception/error handling, unit testing, logging and monitoring to build fault-tolerant systems that can be supported in production.

Technical Documentation

  • You can write the technical documentation for an entire data science project.
  • You are comfortable writing documentation for a variety of audiences, e.g. junior team members, managers, stakeholders.

Database Management

  • You understand different types of data storage solutions, including SQL and NoSQL databases, key-value stores such as Redis, and big data systems such as HDFS, and can select and implement the appropriate solution for the project at hand.

Version Control

  • You are able to create and enact a version control strategy for a project or team.

Data Science Evangelism

  • You act as a subject matter expert on data science within the organisation.
  • You champion data science projects and can explain their benefits to the business in terms of operational efficiency, cost reduction, increased revenue, etc.
  • You work to uphold technical standards in the data science team.

Internal Communication

  • You can delegate effectively by clearly communicating requirements and expectations.
  • You can communicate with your team members in order to gain a clear view of the work being undertaken by the rest of the team, even when you are not close to the technical details.
  • You give appropriate recognition to more junior team members.
  • You can run meetings effectively.


  • You can contribute meaningfully to discussions that guide data science strategy.

Task And Project Management

  • You can run a process for prioritising, assigning and tracking work, such as scrum agile, from start to finish.
  • You can run projects from a technical perspective, including defining milestones, planning work and meeting deadlines.
  • You can take ownership of reporting on project progress to stakeholders in a transparent, concise and timely manner.


o You are able to lead data science interviews, including devising appropriate interview questions.


  • A customer-centric and innovation mindset
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to explain complex ideas to a non-technical audience
  • Highly competent at shaping ideas and solutions and collaborating closely with other team members
  • A passion for learning and personal development
  • You embrace data
  • You are passionate about the data behind decision making
  • You can identify opportunities to collect data or improve data quality
  • You are constantly identifying opportunities to use data to solve business problems


Being part of the UK’s leading EdTech company means more than just being good at what we do in our subject matter expertise. What you bring in terms of skills is obviously very important. But our first passion and skill really lay in helping individuals and organisations grow, using our “learning that works” methodology. With offices across the globe, you’ll get to collaborate with people from Singapore, Hong Kong, and across the UK. We use our skills to help people improve theirs.

And… just for being here, we offer you a culture that’s created and nurtured by super smart people and underpinned by our Values. Our Values of Accountability, Ambition, Care, Empowerment and Transparency were created for our people, by our people; they guide our thinking, decisions and actions, creating a truly unique place to work. You will also get a chance to be at the forefront of digital transformation and professional growth, enviable workspaces, serious personal development opportunity and a few nice job-related and lifestyle perks.


We’re proud of what we’re doing and relentless in doing the right thing. In addition to this, we can offer you:

· A home in our growing, ambitious team, whose sharp focus is growing the EdTech industry;

· The opportunity to truly own and be responsible for making great things happen, making a real difference and working with some of the world’s leading brands;

· A fast and furious, exciting place to be with real challenge and a meaningful opportunity


AVADO is one of those rare places where anyone from anywhere with any background or experience is free to come and do their very best work. We believe in the diversity of thought, as that’s what helps us help our customers and learners – whether investing in their own development, or having their employer invest for them. Equality, diversity and inclusion are values that are critical to our success; come and see for yourself.


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