As the Head of Web Engineering, you will be responsible for one of the key parts of Blacklane’s business: our entire web environment. This encompasses our flagship B2C site with thousands of landing pages; B4B site; custom integrations for external travel partners; and alignment between service providers and internal support crew. 

In your first year you will own the technical roadmap for our web infrastructure, which is currently being transformed to the latest technologies. You will drive the technical vision and strategy to support scalability for global growth. You will also hire, support, and empower Lead Engineers to manage delivery teams and grow in their careers. 

You will report to the Director of Engineering. With vision, sharp communication skills, a love of collaboration, and high technical proficiency you will have a large influence on Blacklane’s success. 


  • Envision. You will develop the vision and create a technical roadmap for the web teams.  We want to continuously improve the user experience to continue delighting our customers.
  • Enable. You will drive alignment between web teams and mobile and integration ones. You will improve the vertical slicing of large technical items, you will collaborate with the other heads of engineering and heads of product. You will build high-quality relationships with our teams at all levels of the organisation.
  • Empower. You are passionate about developing your team members, and excited about unleashing their full potential. You will drive engineering quality and excellence and raise the bar across the team. 
  • Support. We expect you to support the development teams that are relevant to your area. Our current architecture is not set in stone, and feedback and changes are more than welcome.
  • Learn. Blacklane encourages research and development. We need you to observe, learn and bring your innovative ideas into life. We incentivise you to participate in conferences, meetups, or write papers.


Our environment is composed of Go, TypeScript, and Ruby services, designed using DDD, and tested with Pact and Cypress. These services are deployed either to Vercel or to our Kubernetes cluster, and communicate via domain events using Kafka. Some of these services are event-sourced, using diverse data storage such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch and Redis. We use GraphQL to aggregate data and serve our mobile and web applications. We use Storybook for our design system that feeds our product flows and Contentful components for static pages, which are built with React and Next.js.

Be based in Berlin (headquarters), or in Spain, Italy, UK: that is where our team works from.


  • You are a technical expert. You are currently involved in highly technical discussions and architecture decisions. You will be the person that the teams look up to, both technically and for strategic direction. You have a deep experience in Web technologies, Web front-end frameworks. 
  • You have worked with a wide range of technologies. You have experience in all the spectrum of web development: from HTML/CSS to APIs, including JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as React, Typescript, Next.Js; you have supported web and cross-functional development teams. You have experience with CI/CD and value a good Developer Experience. You also have a fairly understanding of SEO.
  • You are a servant leader. You have managed teams of at least 20 people for a number of years. You have built and led teams across multiple regions and timezones. You have your own approach for levelling up your team, removing obstacles, mentoring, and getting them to open up about their challenges.
  • You are hands-on. You love working with software engineers, and while you may not code as much as a developer, you are able to bring your experience to the table and contribute to solving complex technical problems.
  • You are humble. You view product development as a team effort, and you foster this environment with your teams. No job is too small - for you or for anyone on the team. You lead by example by rolling up your sleeves and contributing tactically if that’s what your team needs.
  • You are a business leader. You understand that the engineering team is instrumental in delivering business results, you are able to articulate clearly how the team contributes to the success of the company, and how the architecture of the system enables the business to grow.


Blacklane is a scale-up started in 2011, founded by Jens Wohltorf and Frank Steuer who wanted to create the first global chauffeur service. We started by filling chauffeurs’ ‘empty leg’ journeys and have grown with our partners to over €100 million in annual revenue (pre-pandemic). Backed by Daimler and other investors in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and the UAE, we’re now a trusted brand within corporate travel. 

We believe in ethical business practices and have a strong company culture. Responding to the pandemic, we’ve successfully managed the crises and retained our talented crew! We are now poised for massive growth in 2021.

  • Continuous Learning: We believe that open and actionable feedback is the essential component of continuous development. Set your personal development plan and take an active role in our internal learning communities to progress your career. 
  • Flexible Working: Even the most ambitious Blacklaner needs some time to unwind. Find out what works for you and your team with flexible working hours and home office days (working from home is the new normal).
  • Become Part of the Crew: Get to know your fellow Blacklaners through our regular team socials. Our success comes from a collaboration of more than 350 people from 70 nations and we are looking for more exceptional people to join us! 
  • Employee Stock Options Plan: We want all Blacklaners to benefit from the company's success, so every employee gets virtual stock options.
  • Fair Remuneration: We’ve banded salary levels and matched them to the local costs of living, meaning you’re always paid fairly and you know that the rest of the crew is too.
  • Sustainability: We care for both people and the planet, having launched the mobility's industry first global carbon offset scheme in 2017. Blacklane has pledged to deliver 75% of its journeys in electric vehicles by 2025. 
  • Equal Opportunity: We are committed to inclusion and diversity. A company is only as strong as its crew, so we developed a work environment that is inclusive, inspiring and open. All qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.

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