About Universe Energy
We make grid batteries from used EVs with robots to electrify the world and reverse mining.

Our mission is to replace mining with reuse as the largest source of the next billion batteries. The problem is that batteries are expensive to reuse today because of non-standardized testing, expensive shipping, and dangerous disassembly by hand. We collect and sort old batteries, test how good they still are, and take them apart. We do this for all types of EV batteries using ML-driven analytics & intelligent robotics. Then we turn them into modular, directly accessible, and low-cost grid storage systems. If we can’t do this, we prepare them for recycling to turn them into raw materials to make new cells. Our vision is to build local factories around the world to become the largest manufacturer of used batteries and their raw materials to realize a truly clean energy revolution.

Job objective
Before Bonobo disassembles the battery from pack to module, State-of-Health data is measured to determine the age, state, and value of the modules and cells in the battery pack. The data informs the best next step for its life: remanufacturing, repurposing, or recycling. Then the battery packs are discharged from residual power to prevent any danger. The battery packs are disassembled up to the module level based on the battery's configuration. 

You will design the best sequences to disassemble them from pack to module level and beyond for high-volume EV battery packs. You will build electrical systems to discharge and measure the State of Health from the Battery Management system. Also, you will lead the development of a battery management system that allows to repurpose of EV batteries into grid batteries.

How you will contribute

  • Map disassembly sequences of high-volume EV batteries from pack up to the module level. Track decompositions of modules, materials, and cost breakdown of high-volume battery packs and store them in a database.
  • Develop software to measure, store and analyze SOH data from the BMS outputs through the CAN-bus. Write testing code, and evaluate the performance of algorithms.
  • Define standards and build data models on battery value, State of health, lifecycle degradation estimation. Analyze discharge profiles, like electrical test protocols, analysis algorithms, and performance models.
  • Develop electrical diagnostics methods of batteries for State of Health determination. Design the discharging electrical systems that include filters, transformers, and inverters.
  • Develop BMS systems that integrates into battery packs once they are opened and repackaged for grid storage applications.
  • Research non-intrusive methods to measure and assess State-of-Health through ultra-sonic, X-ray and CT-methods.
  • Track state-of-the-art battery architectures, cell chemistries, and form factors to update testing, discharge, and disassembly methods, like LFP cell developments and cell-to-pack architectures.

The skills & experience that you bring

  • At least a B.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Electrical-, Controls Engineering, or a similar field.
  • 3-5 yrs experience developing battery cells, modules, BMS, High Voltage charging systems, power electronics, and/or ultrasonic systems.
  • 3-5 yrs Development Experience in lithium-ion batteries (automotive/grid) and their composition, electrical architecture, wiring, and Battery management systems.
  • 3+ yrs Experience in simulating Electrical Power, Management, and Control Systems (Matlab/Simulink). It's applied to high-voltage charging systems and their respective charging and discharge profiles.
  • 3+ yrs Experience in developing BMS software in C++. Processing data from BMS and CAN bus communications through Python.
  • Electrical modeling of the electrical battery and charging systems (LTSpice). PCB design experience in power electronics (Eagle/Altium)

How to hit a homerun

  • High-voltage certificate to work on battery disassembly by hand. Hands-on experience with fast charging and discharging systems.
  • Experience in measuring material properties with ultra-sonic and/or X-ray equipment.

Reach out to careers@universeenergy.ai for questions, comments and/or feedback before applying.

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