About Universe Energy
We make grid batteries from used EVs with robots to electrify the world.

Our mission is to scale battery reuse as the largest source of the next billion batteries. The problem is that batteries are challenging to reuse today because supply is constrained by expensive shipping, non-standard testing, and dangerous disassembly by hand. We ship used batteries, test how good they still are, and dismantle them at 50% of the cost. We do this by automating the process for all types of EV batteries using machine learning and robotics. Then we turn them into cheap grid storage or make raw materials for new cells. Our vision is to make the next billion batteries out of used batteries as its largest manufacturer. It will slash the need for mining, manufacturing & global supply chains to prevent 7 Gtons of CO2e emissions to power a truly clean energy revolution.

Job objective

You will help shape go-to-market strategy and analyze scenarios on how to source used batteries from suppliers and how to sell them to end-users as grid batteries. It entails developing financial & economic models for battery manufacturers, repurposes, and recyclers. You will shape customer profiles and funnels in grid storage, EV car makers, and recyclers. You help craft scenarios to define products and business models based on available battery volumes, grid storage pricing, and critical materials markets. You will track development in the state-of-the-art of battery models, architectures, and cells. You will work closely with the Head of Business Development and cofounding team on go-to-market plans, business development, and operations. This is your opportunity to make the leap into climate-tech.


How you will contribute

  • Perform strategy analyses to define the go-to-market strategy, run value chain analyses, quantify business models and size markets for testing batteries, repurposing used batteries, and reselling raw materials.
  • Quantify demand for reselling batteries and materials and supply side for sourcing used batteries. Provide support in interviewing suppliers and customers.
  • Run financial models and size markets of battery manufacturers, recyclers, and raw material refiners. Build pricing models of used batteries, recycling operations, and critical materials.
  • Integrate and synthesize databases about mineral supply & demand, battery pack capacity & pricing, and end-of-first-life volumes.
  • Model impact in terms of energy, CO2, and fresh water in mining, processing, producing, and shipping batteries. Analyze macroeconomic trends, regulations, and grant programs in EU & US markets on energy markets, raw materials, and battery demand.
  • Perform competitive landscaping of technologies, markets, and research groups in battery reuse and recycling. Track battery designs, volumes, and manufacturers for types, cells, and architectures.

The skills & experience that you bring

  • At least a B.Sc. in physics, engineering, mathematics, economics, or finance.
  • MBA program or M.Sc. in business, quantitative economics, finance, or operations.
  • 2-3 yrs Experience in Strategy consultancy experience applied to product development, manufacturing, operations, or supply chain domains.
  • 2-3 yrs Experience in building analytical models in Excel, SQL, and Python to run scenarios and build financial models while processing large amounts of raw data.
  • 2-3 yrs Experience in financial modeling, cash flow projections, unit economics, market sizing, value chain analyses, and impact analyses.
  • Fluent in presenting data and insight in compelling slide decks to communicate the main findings. Verbally strong to reason towards best solutions based on insights.


How to hit a homerun

  • Experience in business or operational roles within high-growth startups or scale-ups in climate-tech, battery & EV space, supply chains & automation/manufacturing.
  • Exposure to battery manufacturing, automation, or operational environments.


Reach out to careers@universeenergy.ai for questions, comments and/or feedback before applying.

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