About Universe Energy
We make grid batteries from used EVs with robots to electrify the world and reverse mining.

Our mission is to replace mining with reuse as the largest source of the next billion batteries. The problem is that batteries are expensive to reuse today because of non-standardized testing, expensive shipping, and dangerous disassembly by hand. We collect and sort old batteries, test how good they still are, and take them apart. We do this for all types of EV batteries using ML-driven analytics & intelligent robotics. Then we turn them into modular, directly accessible, and low-cost grid storage systems. If we can’t do this, we prepare them for recycling to turn them into raw materials to make new cells. Our vision is to build local factories around the world to become the largest manufacturer of used batteries and their raw materials to realize a truly clean energy revolution.

The Bonobo Robot
To achieve this mission, we build cognitive robots called Bonobo that automatically diagnose, discharge and disassemble EV batteries using ML-based analytics and intelligent robotics. The first-generation robotic system will automatically assess the battery’s state of health, perform safe discharging, and remove covers from arbitrary battery packs (500kg). It then disassembles these batteries from the pack level (500 kg) down to the module- level (25 kg). Bonobo can take batteries apart 4x faster and safer than a human at 6x the throughput, leading to 50% lower unit economics.

Job objective
You will be in charge of developing and delivering the Bonobo robotic system for battery recognition, discharging, and disassembly procedures from concept to physical prototype. Robotic controls steer mission and path planning, machine perception recognizes the batteries, and manages them, and mechanical end-effectors take covers from the batteries.

You will conceptualize, architect, engineer, and deploy the first integrated robotic system of Bonobo. You manage critical interfaces towards perception algorithms, software infrastructure, and mechanical end-effectors to deploy functions on batteries. To make this happen, you will recruit, lead and mentor a team of robotics, computer vision, and mechanical and battery engineers.

This is an exciting role where commercial viability will be integrated with deep technical knowledge, providing an opportunity for a strong technical leader with commercial capabilities to thrive.

Your responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the co-founding team on product and technology strategy, planning of engineering, and research activities. 
  • Lead design, development, and delivery of products, technology, and applied research.
  • Recruit, lead and mentor a team of robotics, perception, mechanical, software, and battery engineers.
  • Grow the team by sourcing, hiring, and onboarding top talented, and passionate engineers. Nurture a strong engineering culture, responsible for delivering creative and scalable solutions
  • Perform system design reviews, trade-studies decisions, and lead make-buy decisions for the software and hardware stack. 
  • Manage industrial & research partnerships on technical content and deploy tech to customer pilots operationally.
  • Support in drafting, managing, and filing the Intellectual Property portfolio with the IP firm.

How you will contribute

  • Design the mission-planning software architecture to deploy all functions in the robotic system like robotic controls, machine perception, and motion planning.
  • Make a selection of industrial robotic systems (like Fanuc, Kuka, ABB and Comau), gantry-based motion systems, and industrial PLC controllers.
  • Guide the design of robotic control software for positioning, actuation, path planning, inverse kinematics, and gripper functions.
  • Lead the integration of production-level & robust computer vision modules for classification, counting, tracking, 3D reconstruction, camera calibration, and segmentation.
  • Manage the development of control and mechanical interfaces for end-effectors & manipulators like screwing, gripping, drilling, laser cutting, and milling to enable generalized battery disassembly. It includes setting up experimentation to decide on the best methods available.
  • Guide the build of prototype end-effectors & manipulators for cutting, screwing, decoupling, and uncovering using cutters, heat guns, skewers, and grippers.

The skills & experience that you bring

  • At least a B.Sc. in either Computer Science, Mathematics or Robotics-, Mechanical -, Electrical -, Controls Engineering, or a relevant field.
  • 3-5 yrs experience in advanced product development within the domains of Robotics, Automotive, Aerospace, Battery, or Perception.
  • 3-5 yrs experience delivering first-of-its-kind technology from concept to prototype that involved the integration of software, ML & perception with robotics, controls, and mechanical hardware. 
  • 3+ years experience as an engineering manager performing system design reviews, trade-studies selection, product development methods, and prototype releases.
  • 3+ yrs demonstrated experience leading, mentoring, and developing mid to large-size hardware & software engineering teams in a fast-paced environment within a venture-backed startup.

Technical experience

  • 3-5 yrs developing robotic control software to deliver mission and path planning, subroutines for automation tasks, and collision avoidance. Academic knowledge in Classical, Multivariable Feedback, Model Predictive or Nonlinear controls. 
  • 3-5 yrs developing software from architecture to production-level code in industrial environments, like assembly lines, industrial robotics, and CNC machines. Deeply skilled in C/C++, Python, and Matlab-Simulink. 
  • 3+ yrs experience in machine learning, deep reinforcement learning, and computer vision spanning hardware and software. Developed ML tools in Torch/TensorFlow built and Classical computer vision algorithms in C++ and OpenCV.
  • 3+ yrs experience with robotic development and simulation in ROS, ROS-I, MoveIt for path planning and inverse Kinematics, and Gazebo for simulation. Experience in configuring industrial systems like Kuka, Fanuc, and Staubli and CNC machines and 3D printers.

How to hit a homerun

  • Deep reinforcement learning applied to robotic control systems and path planning.
  • Build continuous integration and testing infrastructure to ensure robust and production-ready robotics software.

Reach out to careers@universeenergy.ai for questions, comments and/or feedback before applying.

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