Currently, this role is on hold.  We’re expecting to be hiring for this role later this year, so if you’re interested in being contacted when we start the hiring process, please apply for the position and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

We’re looking for an experienced front end specialist to join our engineering team to build a first-class front end stack, and to collaborate with our engineers in order to improve their skills and to ensure the quality and capabilities of our front end are high. You will help us to create a modern, performant and usable website.

Snyk prides itself on being a developer's first product for our customers. We also want to have internal tooling that is ridiculously easy to work with and enables our feature teams to build the best experiences quickly and effectively.

The front end team collaborates with our feature teams, enabling them to release valuable features and functionality. We aim to:

  • improve the overall quality of the front end code & enable teams to deliver improved user experiences
  • implement & improve our use of front end tools & technologies
  • allow our teams to move faster, and deliver better quality results in the front end. 

This year the team will improve our build process, transition pages from Handlebars to Vue, introduce a SPA (single page app), and will onboard, teach and support people working with the front end. 

You’ll spend your time:

  • transforming our front end architecture into something easy to reason with and powerful to use
  • working with passionate developers of all skill levels, helping them to contribute to the front end
  • presenting and sharing updates to the front end stack with the engineers at regular intervals
  • listening to the needs of the engineers at Snyk to understand what is most important to them and delivering solutions to their needs
  • contributing to the overall experience of using Snyk via our website, which will benefit our customers and improve open source security

You should apply if you:

  • have domain knowledge of working with the front end
  • have experience building single-page apps
  • are knowledgeable about accessibility, usability and web standards
  • have experience with testing (cross-browser, visual regression, unit, integration, etc)
  • balance priorities and stay focused by working on the most valuable and important areas of the front end stack first
  • have experience building APIs that serve the needs of the front end
  • ensure a high quality of code, that can be safely co-authored in a fast-growing organization  
  • are agile and enjoy the speed of a fast-paced, highly engaged startup environment
  • are curious, and constantly seek to improve standards as we go along

We’d especially love to hear from you if you:

  • have experience mentoring and teaching others of all ability levels, especially in the area of front end
  • have experience working with Vue.js
  • have experience building and/or working with a Graph API


Please apply below! We care deeply about the warm, inclusive environment we’ve created and we value diversity - we welcome applications from those typically underrepresented in tech. If you like the sound of this role but are not totally sure whether you’re the right person, do apply anyway :)

About Snyk

Snyk’s mission is to help developers use open source code and stay secure. 

The use of open source is booming, but security is a key concern. Snyk’s unique product enables developers and enterprise security teams to continuously find & fix vulnerable dependencies without slowing down, offering seamless integration into Dev, DevOps and DevSecOps workflows. We care deeply about the quality and usefulness of the tools we develop, always focusing on our customers and users. 

We are distributed across four offices in London, Tel Aviv, Boston, and Ottawa, with our engineering teams based mostly in London and Tel Aviv, and 10% of the company working fully-remote. We’ve made an organizational commitment to building a strong, effective, distributed company: we form teams across multiple offices wherever possible, and we invest in communication so that we can benefit from each others’ perspectives. Not to mention that we have an always-on webcam so we can see what’s happening in each office, we make heavy use of video calls, Slack, and some inter-office travel.

At Snyk, we are experiencing rapid growth and we want you to join us! By the end of Q4 2019 alone, Snyk had already over 110,00 registered users, including multiple enterprise customers (such as Google, Salesforce, Mastercard, BBC, and others). We also raised an additional $150 million, announced January 21, 2020. With this investment, we have partnered with Stripes, along with Coatue, Tiger Global, BoldStart, Trend Forward, Amity and Salesforce Ventures, to build on our 2019 momentum and continue to fuel our developer-first approach to security. 

We believe open-source software is a force for good, and we’re building Snyk to make it easier for developers who aren’t security experts to stay secure.


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