About the role

We’re looking for engineers with a keen eye for detail and a healthy impatience for mediocrity.  Trellis is a cloud-native company and we’re serious about doing infrastructure the right way.  That means code first, serverless where it makes sense, highly orchestrated containers, canaries, continuous deployment and about 50 other hot 2021 devops buzzwords, some of which actually mean something.

Our core infrastructure problems revolves around building predictability, reliability and flexibility into the system.  We integrate with all kinds of providers via every mechanism imaginable (and then some), and our core infrastructure team supports it all.

In this role, expect to 

  • Remove roadblocks from the team before they are reached, and sometimes get your hands dirty in the code by doing pieces that would cause too great a context switch for your team.
  • Plan, implement and manage Trellis’s cloud infrastructure in accordance with the expectations of key stakeholders across the organization.
  • Coach, mentor, and performance manage a team of devops and data engineers.
  • Work closely with product engineering teams to ensure deployed code performs as expected, has a consistent, automated and “boring” path from developers machine to production.
  • Identify opportunities to incorporate new technologies or techniques into our process that improve reliability, level of automation or ability to respond to incidents.

To succeed in this role, you have

  • 8+ years of relevant engineering work experience.
  • 4+ years of hands-on technical management experience.
  • You have more than a few years experience in cloud infrastructure, a high level of comfort with kubernetes and ideally some experience with Google Cloud.
  • Deep expertise working with large sets of data, from the beginning of the process with ETL/ELT all the way to BI tools.
  • Proven experience designing data platforms or data tools; experience creating deployment pipelines or integration testing frameworks.
  • A mastery of continuous integration and deployment best practices.
  • Exceptional system design abilities which includes experience with architectural patterns of large, high-scale applications.
  • Extensive knowledge about architecture, testing, monitoring, alerting and are excited to apply these principles to our company.

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