About Nubank

Nubank was founded in 2013 to free people from a bureaucratic, slow and inefficient financial system. Since then, through innovative technology and outstanding customer service, the company has been redefining people's relationships with money across Latin America. With operations in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, Nubank is today one of the largest digital banking platforms and technology-leading companies in the world.


Today, Nubank is a global company, with offices in São Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bogotá (Colombia), Durham (United States), and Berlin (Germany). It was founded in 2013 in Sao Paulo, by Colombian David Vélez, and cofounded by Brazilian Cristina Junqueira and American Edward Wible. For more information, visit www.nubank.com.br.



About the team

The AI Security team is part of the Information Security area. The team focuses on securing our AI ecosystem, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, ensuring data protection and ethical standards in its implementation and usage. For that, we perform many tasks such as performing offensive assessments on implementations focusing on AI usage, creating frameworks to keep it secure and configuring tools and automations to safeguard the information and decisions.



About the role

The role is for a Security Engineer to be the Tech Lead of the team, which will help us on adding security into our AI ecosystem. You will lead a team responsible for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities within Machine Learning and Generative AI through adversarial testing, security framework development, and collaboration with other teams. This position requires a blend of technical expertise, leadership skills, and a proactive approach to stay ahead of emerging threats in the field of AI security.


Main Responsibilities

  • Lead a team and initiatives of AI Security in our ecosystem;
  • Conduct adversarial testing and security assessments on machine learning models, including Generative AI applications;
  • Develop and implement comprehensive security frameworks and guidelines for the responsible and secure implementation of AI within Nubank;
  • Collaborate with AI and software development teams to integrate security measures into the development lifecycle, addressing specific challenges posed by Generative AI;
  • Stay current with industry trends, emerging threats, and best practices in AI security;
  • Help with vulnerability management;
  • Develop and integrate tools to automate security assessments and checks.

Basic Qualifications

  • Offensive Security background, with a focus on Red Team activities;
  • Proven experience in AI security, with a focus on adversarial testing, vulnerability assessments, and security framework development, including experience with Generative AI;
  • Strong programming skills in languages commonly used in machine learning (e.g., Python, R) and experience with AI frameworks and libraries;
  • Ability to reproduce behavior of Advanced Persistent Threat groups;
  • Experience with security frameworks, such as MITRE and OWASP;
  • Excellent communication skills to effectively convey complex security concepts to technical and non-technical stakeholders;
  • Experience with implementing and/or integrating machine learning models, including Generative AI, are a plus.


Role Location

Remote (within Brazil). 


  • Health, dental and life insurance
  • Meal allowance
  • Transportation assistance
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • Equity at Nubank
  • Parking partnership - discounted parking in our office
  • Free bike parking with showers available
  • NuCare - Our mental health and wellness assistance program
  • NuLanguage - Our language learning program
  • Gympass partnership
  • Extended maternity and paternity Leaves  
  • Child care allowance
  • ‘Espaço Feijão’- Private nursing and breastfeeding spaces in our buildings
  • Onsite Health Center - Medical support for every Nubanker in our office

Diversity & Inclusion

At Nubank, we want to be sure that we're building a more diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the customers we serve and seek to empower. That's why we hire based on equality. We consider gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, and other identity markers as enriching elements to our company while ensuring neither of them represent a barrier when recruiting fantastic talent.

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Para isso, pedimos que você compartilhe algumas informações adicionais para que possamos alavancar nossos objetivos e esforços de recrutamento, lembramos que essa pesquisa é totalmente opcional e voluntária. Para mais informações sobre a coleta e manutenção desses dados, acesse nossa Política de Privacidade para Pessoas Candidatas em Português, Espanhol (México) ou Inglês.

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