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Tackling the complex banking system to empower people in one of the world's most bureaucratic markets seems like a crazy idea, right? But that's why, how, and where Nubank was born. We fight complexity through our transparent and straightforward products and experiences: a no-fee credit card, a rewards program, a lending platform, and a digital savings account. In a nutshell, we are the most innovative tech company in Latin America, and we are obsessed with building financial services and products that make our customers love us fanatically. With over 25 million customers and $820 million raised in investment rounds, we are the fastest growing digital bank in the world. Nubank started its international expansion in 2019, and we currently offices in São Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Berlin (Germany). 

"Our fight is against the complexity that banks love so much. While they use bureaucracy to hold people hostage, we use simplicity to set them free." - David Veléz, Founder and CEO.

We launched our first product in 2014, a no-fee credit card that is fully managed by a mobile app and currently has more than 13 million customers. In 2017, we launched our proprietary loyalty rewards program, Nubank Rewards, and a digital account presently used by more than 17 million people in Brazil. In 2019, we began testing our personal loan product and digital account for SMBs. 

"It's about people. It's about finally giving them back control over their own money, and freeing them from traditional financial institutions which have always used complexity as a smokescreen." - Cristina Junqueira, Co-Founder.

Challenging the status quo to create a new generation of financial services in Latin America requires building teams composed of the most creative tech market professionals. We are a process-light organization that values human interactions. We love working in independent teams that feel like small startups within the company. We understand that execution is the key to success and optimize processes to remove bottlenecks.

Nubank is growing fast, we are always looking for unique cultural multipliers that bring new perspectives to work while partnering with different teams to upskill our craft. 

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