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Nubank is leading financial technology in Latin America. By tackling the complexity of the traditional banking system we empower people to take control of their money. We use cutting-edge technology allied with design, decision sciences and outstanding customer experience to offer digital products fully managed in-app.

“Our fight is against the complexity that banks love so much. While they use bureaucracy to hold people hostage, we use simplicity to set them free.” - David Veléz, Founder and CEO

We launched our first product in 2014, a no-fee credit card, and since then Nubank has grown to be the most innovative company in Latin America and the biggest digital bank in the world, with more than 12 million customers. With a portfolio of products that include NuConta, a digital account, and Nubank Rewards, a loyalty rewards program, in 2019 we began testing our personal loan service and NuConta PJ, a digital account for small and medium businesses.

“It’s about people. It’s about finally giving them back control over their own money, and freeing them from traditional financial institutions who have always used complexity as a smokescreen.” - Cristina Junqueira, Co-Founder and VP of Branding and Business Development at Nubank

Challenging the status quo to create a new generation of financial services in Latin America requires building teams composed by the most creative professionals in the tech market. We are a very process-light organization that values human interactions and working collaboratively to deliver great products and experiences to our customers. Nubank is growing fast, and we’re looking for professionals who can add to our culture and successfully scale strong and diverse teams.

We are now taking the first steps in our international expansion. After opening a tech hub in Berlin in 2017, we arrived in Mexico and Argentina as Nu and opened offices in Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

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