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Nu was born in 2013 with the mission to fight complexity to empower people in their daily lives by reinventing financial services. We are one of the world’s largest digital banking platforms, serving millions of customers across Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. For more information, visit our institutional page https://international.nubank.com.br/careers/  


About the role

The team work impacts the monitoring, governance, and autonomy of the security mechanisms used in the enterprise infrastructure. We provide the foundation of the security mechanisms that allow Nubank to be smart and efficient in a high-growth, low-risk environment. Attestable and granularized remote accesses on hardened infrastructure is a part of this result as well as the use of metrics and automation.

You can find more about Nubank Infosec here: https://building.nubank.com.br/career-at-nubanks-information-security-team/


You will be responsible for

  • Design, implement, and support multi-country security solutions and processes for on-premises and cloud infrastructures, defining and developing automation to enable large-scale deployments and operations;
  • Support the policies and documentation developing on security best practices for new endpoint technologies, contributing to technical documentation targeted for non-engineers, so they can understand what the system does at a high level. Also contributes to lower-level documentation targeted for engineers as a result of whiteboards and other technical discussions;
  • Ensure endpoints, system security applications, and services in the environment are securely configured and managed through operating system-appropriate security platforms and tools;
  • Supporting for assessing company risk as it relates to endpoints and protection of information;
  • Support security reviews and audits to help the internal audit team with endpoint security issues and compliance activities, participating actively in discussions;
  • Support to respond to endpoint cyber threats, incidents, and anomalies, anticipating technical issues at the enterprise function and platform level and making architectural and design decisions to avoid them;
  • Evaluate build vs buy system alternatives under general direction, understanding and articulating the tradeoffs between technical, analytical, and platform needs, efficiency vs. thoroughness, adding vs. reducing technical debt, etc.


We are looking for a person who has

  • Intermediate - advanced english level;
  • Strong understanding of operation systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux), and security protocols, including authentication and authorization;
  • Knowledge of application layer technologies, network security, BCP, DRP, and cryptography;
  • Experience with research, analysis, and visualization data tools, identity/access management, security operations, and analytics;
  • Technical expertise with cloud environment (AWS, GCP, Azure) and on-premise technologies;
  • Experience with automation languages (preferably Python);
  • Experience in major incident management and security incident response;
  • Experience in listening and guiding technical debates to help reach a consensus;
  • Soft skills, including effective communication with team members and senior management;
  • Ability to conduct an in-depth analysis of computer networks and identify any vulnerabilities or gaps in the system;
  • Quick decision-making to ensure faster recovery in case of a security event, helping in the quick-fixing of flaws;
  • Awareness of the latest methods used by hackers and malicious elements to break into systems.


Local Benefits

  • Chance of earning equity at Nubank
  • Extended maternity and paternity leaves
  • Work-from-home Allowance
  • Health and life insurance
  • NuCare - Our mental health and wellness assistance program
  • Nucleo - Our learning platform of courses
  • NuLanguage - Our language learning program
  • Vacations of 15 workdays
  • Parental Consultancy
  • Gym partnership


Our Nu Way of Working

Our work model is hybrid and has cycles that can be from two to three months according to the business of ​​expertise. For every eight or twelve weeks of remote work, one will be at the office.

Know more in this blog: Colombia


Diversity & Inclusion

At Nu, we want to be sure that we're building a more diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the customers we serve and seek to empower. That's why we hire based on equality. We consider gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, and other identity markers as enriching elements to our company while ensuring neither of them represent a barrier when recruiting fantastic talent.

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Información Demográfica - Colombia

Para asegurarnos de que estamos construyendo continuamente un lugar de trabajo más diverso e inclusivo, contratamos sobre la base del principio de igualdad. Consideramos el género, el origen étnico, la raza, la religión, la orientación sexual y otros marcadores de identidad como componentes enriquecedores para nuestra empresa y nos aseguramos de que ninguno de ellos represente una barrera al momento de contratar.

Le pedimos que comparta información adicional sobre usted para que podamos aprovechar los esfuerzos de reclutamiento; es completamente opcional. Para obtener más información, consulte nuestra Política de Privacidad de Candidatos en Portugués, Español o Inglés.

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