Mojang Studios is best known as the creators of Minecraft, but we’re also on a mission  to build a better world through the power of play. 

Why play? Well, play is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the blocky backbone of our games, the core of our development philosophy, and even the origin of our name. From the relentless experimentation of our endlessly inspiring community to the classrooms where Minecraft has become an essential teaching tool, play is the bedrock of our existence. 

Seniority level: Senior

The Minecraft UI team is expanding to help realize our dream of a better Minecraft experience. As a member of this team, you will have the unique challenges of creating a scalable, performant and stable UI architecture to support a world class design system in order to help other teams to realize their creations using services and technologies that you implemented and improving the quality and user experience of the game as a whole. You'll join a cross-functional team and work closely with the other developers, designers, producers, all working together on a game enjoyed by over 100,000,000 players worldwide. We have big dreams for the future of Minecraft and need you to help make them happen. 
By joining the UI team, you will find an environment that enables you to leverage your knowledge and values to maintain and evolve a healthy and collaborative culture as we grow. 
Some of your tasks will be: 

  • Implementing features for upcoming Bedrock Edition Minecraft UI updates 
  • Be involved in design discussions related to the core Minecraft UI experience and helping to define the direction of future updates 
  • Collaborating with and supporting other teams using the UI framework


  • Proficiency with modern C++ 
  • Experience or strong interest in designing UI systems and implementing longevity-focused technical solutions 
  • The ability to work with large cross-platform codebases and legacy code 
  • Have a great interest in Minecraft and passion for developing UI

For this role, we will consider fit for the team and company holistically. Meaning that we'll put a great emphasis on your interpersonal skills. Due to this, we welcome different seniority levels in this process. Your seniority level will influence the responsibilities and areas of concern in the role. 

Mojang Studios 

Mojang Studios is a Microsoft-owned game developer. The company was founded in Stockholm, Sweden and has offices around the world, including Stockholm, Redmond, Tokyo, London, and Shanghai. We’re always working on new and exciting ways to expand the Minecraft universe.

Our community is global and incredibly diverse. We keep this in mind when developing anything, as we want people to feel included in Minecraft. And in recruiting, our goal is to make Mojang Studios as diverse as our community. 

We got started as a tiny indie developer, and part of our culture still reflects that heritage. But we’re also proud to belong to Xbox Game Studios, which creates unique opportunities to grow and develop.

To help us achieve amazing things, we have built an equally amazing studio space. Situated right on the water by Söder Mälarstrand, it’s filled to the brim with all the tools, toys and caffeine required to create world-class entertainment.

But in the end, it’s the people of Mojang Studios that make this place truly special. When you join, you’ll find yourself in the company of incredibly bright, warm, and creative individuals – all united and working toward a single goal. Come help us reach it!

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