iLABS (Innovation Labs) Inc. and Affiliated Companies

David Chung Enterprises is an integrated ecosystem of different companies that work together to provide superior turnkey services in the cosmetic industry. At the heart of DC Enterprises is iLABS, an innovation-focused R&D company that develops groundbreaking cosmetic formulas.

Morae Packaging manufactures sustainable packaging, enabling iLABS’ customers to purchase packaging alongside new formulas. cLABS Studio, a creative agency, provides high-quality design services. ARUM is an architectural group who does construction based on the enterprises’ needs. Among other DC Enterprises are new, up-and-coming cosmetic brands that utilize all these resources to help get them off the ground. Together, David Chung’s different entities form a vertically integrated turnkey system that the cosmetic industry has never seen before.

Current Job Openings


Executive Assistant
Mahwah, NJ


Packaging Engineer
Mahwah, NJ


AR Accountant
Mahwah, NJ



PR & Communication

Project Management

Project Manager
Mahwah, NJ