We believe each moment in sports can change the plan, change the game and change lives. That’s why our mission is to build the world’s most powerful network of sports video and data to empower teams to make every moment count.

How? By hiring people around the world who want to help us support coaches, players, analysts, recruiters, teams, clubs and fans. Hudl customers use our products to capture video, analyze data, share highlights and a lot more. They stay ahead of the game with the latest technology and we help them achieve their goals.

Want to join us?

We’re looking for a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer with AWS and automation experience to join our infrastructure team. Our mission is to enable feature teams to provision and operate as much of Hudl's infrastructure as possible. As an engineer on this team, you'll spend most of your time improving our infrastructure automation with Terraform, establishing future architecture with multi-account AWS and single-sign on and empowering feature teams to migrate from "self-hosted" EC2 infrastructure to managed solutions like AWS DocumentDB, Elasticache, OpenSearch and MQ.

You Are

  • Experienced with public clouds, preferably AWS. You understand the state of operating in the cloud and know what every company should be doing in them.
  • Knowledgeable in tech like Terraform. We are invested in Terraform, Packer, Chef and Python for provisioning infrastructure. We're building new CI/CD pipelines with GitHub Actions. We believe all infrastructure should be defined in code and any changes should go through the same review process as our applications.
  • Excited by improving automation. We’ve been using AWS at scale for more than a decade and have made several acquisitions along the way. You'll automate our existing infrastructure and partner with feature teams to adopt or migrate to managed solutions.
  • Willing to learn. You have solid engineering skills but are always willing to dive into specific areas to gain the expertise needed to be successful in your role. Hudl hires full stack engineers, focused on infrastructure but willing to contribute to any layer of the stack.
  • Believe in the “DevOps” philosophy. You want to empower feature teams to own their services, from provisioning to operation and incident resolution.
  • A mentor at heart. You find mentoring others rewarding and seek out opportunities to level up others in your area of expertise.
  • Dedicated to delivering quality work. You want your team to get things done and done well and are willing to wear many hats to make this happen.
  • Able to handle interruptions. Unplanned work to squash impediments and fix bugs will happen. You understand this and can work effectively with your team and stakeholders to prioritize this work appropriately while still taking sprint commitments into consideration.

You Will

  • Empower feature teams to provision their own infrastructure. Our team creates CI/CD pipelines, Terraform modules, great documentation and more so that feature teams can provision their own secure, maintainable microservice infrastructure like databases, caches and queues.
  • Help Hudl adopt the latest infrastructure best-practices. We have started work to design our multi-account AWS architecture, adopt role-based single-sign on to AWS and run new workloads on kubernetes (EKS). We need your help to drive these and other modern infrastructure best practices.
  • Help plan Hudl’s cloud infrastructure roadmap. Our philosophy is to replace self-hosted EC2 infrastructure with managed services/platforms as a service wherever we can. Help us identify opportunities and prioritize them.
  • Work with a team of other passionate infrastructure engineers. The team is exclusively engineers and is driving all of the decisions for hudl.com’s infrastructure.
  • Take on-call shifts a few times a year. All engineers at Hudl participate in ops duty, not just infrastructure engineers. Expect about one 24-hour on-call shift out of business hours per quarter.

We Will

  • Celebrate work at Hudl retreats. We like to gather our Hudlies from around the world to showcase achievements and strategize for the future. 
  • Treat you like an adult. We’re all about a healthy work-life balance. We’ll give you unlimited vacation time and have company-wide timeout days (no meetings allowed).
  • Provide career growth. We’re lifelong learners who encourage professional development. We’ll give you tons of resources and opportunities to keep growing.
  • Supply you with tools for success. We've invested in our office spaces, designing them with our employees in mind. You’ll have the enriching, flexible environment and powerful hardware you need to do your job well.
  • Support your mental and physical health. We care about our employees’ wellbeing. Our Employee Assistance Program, Employee Resource Groups and fitness partner Peerfit have you covered.
  • Cover your medical insurance. We have multiple plans to pick from to ensure you’ll have the coverage you (and your dependents) want.
  • Contribute to your 401(K). Yep, that’s free money. We’ll match up to 4% of your own contribution.

Diversity at Hudl

Hudl is an equal opportunity employer. We understand the power of a diverse team, celebrate differences and promote inclusive and accessible environments. 

To promote Hudlies being their authentic selves and give everyone opportunities for allyship, we offer employee resource groups. These employee-led groups are drawn together by common affinities, passions and life experiences: 

  • Her Hudl
  • Hudl Black
  • Pride@Hudl
  • Mental Health Champions
  • Community Champions

We recognize there’s ongoing work to be done and track our efforts and commitments in annual diversity reports

We also know imposter syndrome is real and the confidence gap can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates. Please don’t hesitate to apply—we’d love to hear from you.

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