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G2 is revolutionizing the way businesses discover, buy and manage software and services. More than three million users per month rely on G2 to help them find and buy the best software for their businesses. The platform has 1million+ reviews, and $100M in total funding through our investment partners: IVP, Accel Partners, LinkedIn, Emergence Capital, Pritzker Group, Chicago Ventures, Hyde Park Ventures, industry leaders and founders.

About The Role

The Account Executive will be responsible for driving revenue by selling our branding solutions to marketing and sales teams in the software and services industry in India. This individual should be a proven hunter and closer who thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic sales environment. The opportunity awards accelerated compensation and career progression for driven, top performers.


  • Manage prospects and customers for the assigned territory, with the goal of meeting and exceeding their revenue targets.
  • Setting an overall strategy for their prospects and the customers that they manage - how are they going to approach them, who are their Top 30 prospects, what time allocations are they going to use, etc.
  • Effective prospecting through their own efforts along with managing their BDR to cover more ground.
  • Research and insight as part of their pre-call discovery to better engage with the prospect.
  • Effective questioning and discovery to determine if the prospect can move to an opportunity and what G2 solution would work best for them.
  • Manage the prospect throughout the sales process, from FVC to successful negotiation and closure.
  • Ensure a smooth handover to IS and then work with CS to effectively manage the now customer, with a view towards renewing and upselling them.
  • Manage all commercials of existing customers, from gift cards to enrichment/renewals.
  • Participate in our monthly customer reviews to go over customer health, adoption, and identify and rectify any issues that have emerged.
  • Identifying gaps, headwinds, or parts of the process that are not working so they can be improved and we can have more efficiency and success.
  • Being able to provide accurate forecasts, updates, and feedback regarding their business, pipeline, and overall activities.
  • Understand what activities most build trust in our customers - data provided, actions, insight, etc.


  • Process - Understand our processes and follow these so we are all singing from the same sheet of music.  This includes the prospect sales process, renewal process, and all of the other processes that support these
  • Prospecting - Understand who our ideal customer profile is and know how to reach out to them effectively.
  • Discovery - Have effective discovery and questioning skills to understand customer pain points and how G2 can help.
  • Time Management - Know how to manage time across prospecting, pipeline development, closing and customers.
  • Negotiation - Effectively negotiate deals to create a win-win situation for G2 and the prospect/customer.
  • Relationship Management - Know how to manage customers, how to add value, when to push back, and how to develop a deep relationship that will aid renewals and upsells.
  • Storytelling - Be able to tell stories that connect with prospects/customers, leveraging G2 success including the problem, how we helped them solve it, and any relevant data we can share.
  • Build Trust - Understand how to build trust with customers using data, insight, knowledge and recommendations to become a “trusted advisor”.


  • Knowledge of proper account & contact management in Salesforce.
  • Effective pipeline management in Salesforce.
  • Sales Process - Understand the prospect sales process and each step of the way so we can effectively close new business.
  • Renewal Process - Understand the renewal process and what we need to be doing each quarter of the customer contract.
  • Knowledge of our sales processes and how to track these in Salesforce and overall discussions - ensure we are all talking the same language.
  • Knowledge of how to use our other sales tools - Docusign, Engagio, MyG2, G2 Admin, etc. 
  • How to best work with legal and accounting as part of the contracting/payment process.
  • How to work with their BDR to help with demand generation.
  • How to work with their CSR to best serve their customers.


  • Knowledge of how G2 fits into the key roles we sell to and support - Marketing,  Sales, and Customer Success.
  • In-depth knowledge of reviews, the review process, and how reviews convey legitimacy, social proof, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of our 8 playbooks and how customers can get value from G2.
  • Understand how buyer intent works and how sellers can best operationalize this to see results.
  • Understand how G2 content works and how prospects can use it for branding and lead generation. 
  • Learn customer stories that can be used to illustrate how G2 customers have seen value and ROI from G2 or some specific aspect of what we do.
  • Connect the dots between prospect initiatives or needs and how G2’s solutions/features/product can help.


  • 5-8 Years of sales experience.
  • B2B background, specific to tech/SaaS or the sales of information services or data.
  • Experience selling to marketers and understanding how marketers work, what are their goals, and how they can be successful. 

Why we love G2

G2 was founded to create a place where people will love to work. We strive to create meaning in work and provide more than just a job: a true calling. G2 is a place where people can be authentic and grow, find meaning and passion in work, and be motivated to succeed by a supportive group of coworkers. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where people can enjoy coming to work every day, by supporting our employees in their professional and personal lives.

Our Process

We encourage all candidates to review our interview process to best prepare themselves on what to expect as a candidate of G2.


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