Forter is looking for an Engineering Manager to lead our Backend Platform Engineering’s Observability team. The role reports to the Director of Infrastructure & Security. 

Forter provides a new generation of fraud prevention to meet the challenges of modern enterprise e-commerce. Only Forter provides fully automated, real-time Decision as a Service™ fraud prevention, with approve/decline decisions backed by a 100% chargeback guarantee. The system eliminates the need for rules, scores or manual reviews, making fraud prevention friction-free. The result is fraud prevention that is invisible to buyers and empowers merchants with increased approvals, smoother checkout and a near elimination of inaccurate decisions - meaning more sales and happier customers. Behind the scenes, Forter’s machine learning technology combines advanced cyber intelligence with behavioral and identity analysis to create a multi-layered fraud detection mechanism.

Reliability, latency, and security, along with being present where our customers need us, are critical to our success. Every request we process is important to everyone involved. We can’t go down because our customers’ businesses depend on us: we processed eCommerce transactions worth over $200B in 2020 and provided billions of critical decisions via our API.  

We utilize highly sensitive information that our customers trust us with to catch fraudsters and abusers, so we can let consumers operate without any friction. 

Our systems run on 1000s of machines, in multiple regions (and clouds), and at a massive scale to provide to meet the demands of and provide the best service to our Enterprise customers.

Our team

The Observability team’s mission is to enable Forter’s engineering teams to monitor their services with minimal friction and to reduce mean-time-to-recovery for their services, because every second that Forter’s services are down costs money for our customers and frustrates countless online shoppers.

How do you make a monitoring system that scales with event counts that double yearly? What kind of alerts should services have out of the box? How can we automate the monitoring and alerting tools for our engineers? How do we get engineers closer to root causes faster? These are the kinds of questions and challenges we tackle on a daily basis, because we believe that developer experience matters, and we are constantly looking to find better ways of doing things at Forter. 

Stuff you’ll be doing:

  • Develop the engineers in the team through coaching, mentoring and management
  • Build the team by recruiting great engineers
  • Work on highly available, very large scale, production critical systems that all Forter developers rely on for their day-to-day operations
  • Minimally contribute to the team’s efforts, so as to keep context and for serving in the on-call rotation of the team
  • Drive and be accountable for technical delivery and work with your team on strategy and execution
  • Work with your team of technically sophisticated engineers to make developer experience front and center
  • Use both qualitative (e.g. surveys, f2f discussions) and quantitative (e.g. OKRs) metrics to determine priorities and measure effectiveness
  • Mentor and guide engineers on the team, so they can advance towards their career goals

Stuff we need you to have:

  • Managed five or more engineers for 3+ years
  • Experience writing and maintaining complex backend systems using modern programming languages (i.e. Python, Go, Java.)
  • Experience working with public clouds (AWS / GCP / Azure)
  • Experience leading teams that manage and scale data stores (100s TB, 100Ks/sec throughput) and pipelines
  • Excellent presentation skills - can talk and explain at the right level of abstraction to different audiences

Some examples for projects your team will work on and support

  • Take our monitoring & alerts system to the next level, from picking and buying the right tools to exposing APIs on top of that so other teams can leverage it for their purpose. For example, figuring out a scale-out strategy for Riemann or coming up with a better approach to handle our needs.
  • Measure and improve our cost optimization to be able to retain logs and events (billions of events per day, TBs of data/day) for longer periods of time as needed for different use-cases.
  • Provide debugging and tracing tools (VMs and K8S services) to correlate incidents with other dimensions (e.g. deployments, IO/CPU spikes in other areas etc.)

We’d especially love to hear from you if:

  • You are passionate about building products and tools that developers love to use - we’ll want to hear everything about it! 
  • Experience with monitoring and alerts tools such as ELK, Prometheus, Honeycomb, Datadog, Riemann, etc.

What it’s like to work at Forter:

We believe that head-count is a vanity metric (i.e. more doesn’t necessarily mean better) and that people matter! This is why we prefer smaller teams of talented and cohesive teams over “just give us some more working hands”. 

We believe that the metric we should optimize for is increasing the IQ and EQ of our team over time, by building an organization that will draw such people to us. We care immensely about how the team works together, and we’re not shy from hard conversations. When you try to make an impact, friction (of opinions, or business constraints) is something you need to deal with. 

We don’t have QA, we don’t have Architects (“CTO team”), we don’t have a NOC or SOC team. We look at our team as part of the system that we build, so we optimize the process and tools to fit our team. Most of our team has a generalist-mindset, but our system is vast and we have people developing expertise in areas they are passionate about. 

We are big believers in having Skin in the game as a way of setting the alignment of incentives to build things right, and picking boring technology as we respect the complexity of our system and business.

You should join to help us build a better version of Forter, rather than a smaller version of a large company.  If you’re up for the challenge, please submit your CV.

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