At Deliveroo we have an outstanding data science organisation, with a mission to enable the highest quality human and machine decision-making. We work throughout the company - in product, business and platform teams - using analysis, experimentation, causal inference and machine learning techniques. We are uniquely placed to use data to help make better decisions and improve data literacy across Deliveroo.

Data Scientists at Deliveroo report into our data science management team, and we have a highly active data science community, with guest lecturers, study groups, mentorship programmes, a robust technical review process, and plenty of opportunities to learn new things. Data Scientists can equally progress as technical leads (individual contributors) and as people managers.

Our data scientists come from all kinds of backgrounds but have excellence in common. Many are formally trained in data science, many are not. We celebrate difference and have a dedicated data science diversity committee.

At Deliveroo we’re always experimenting. We have hungry customers, eager riders, and busy restaurants in 12 countries and over 200 cities and giving them what they want and need involves continually testing new ideas. Whether we’re working to improve our restaurant recommendations or looking to find a more efficient algorithm for routing our drivers, experimentation helps us make the right decisions for our users.

Experimenting at this scale presents some unique challenges and we’re investing heavily in building a world-class platform for designing, deploying, and analysing product experiments. We’re looking for experts in statistical inference and estimation to join our growing team of data scientists and help us develop innovative statistical solutions for industrial-scale experimentation.

Some of the problems we’re working to solve:

  • How can we monitor possible interaction effects across our experiments? How can we account for such effects in the analysis of our experiments?
  • How can we improve our inference techniques to correctly account for the many statistical tests we calculate? Once we have chosen such a correction, how can we account for it at the power calculation stage?
  • How can statistical methods help us estimate the long-term impact of experiments?
  • How can we leverage modern statistical algorithms in order to identify any business-relevant heterogeneity of treatment effects?
  • How can we avoid running afoul the selection bias across the many experiments we run? Can we use shrinkage estimators to get closer to the actual impact of an experiment once rolled out?
  • How can we use the outcomes of previous experiments to improve our inference for a given experiment?


  • Investigating complex methodological problems and working collaboratively with a small team of experts to establish world-class standards for experimentation. 
  • Leveraging your broad statistical awareness to proactively identify opportunities to add to and improve our existing experimentation methods
  • Prototyping and amending statistical methods to fit our specific circumstances
  • Prototyping the code and providing clear communication and written documentation for the engineering team


  • PhD in statistics, economics, econometrics, or a relevant field of applied mathematics (equivalent business experience)
  • Broad statistical awareness, including familiarity with frequentist and Bayesian approaches, and a demonstrated ability for developing innovative experimentation and analysis methods
  • Familiarity with a scripting language, some proficiency with Python would be an asset

Data Science at Deliveroo

We are a small team, with very large impact, seeking to answer some of the most interesting questions out there. We move fast, we’re always looking for new ideas and we’re very transparent about the decisions we make and why we make them.

There are so many questions we need to answer and plenty more we haven’t even encountered. How do data and technology help restaurants to grow as consumer habits change? How can we predict what someone wants to order for dinner long before the idea has even crossed their mind? At Deliveroo these are just some of the tough problems we are solving - and there is no challenge that cannot be yours. No solution is owned by a particular team, which means the scope for growth and personal impact is enormous.

Benefits and Diversity

At Deliveroo we know that people are the heart of the business and we prioritise their welfare. We offer a wide range of competitive benefits in areas including health, family, finance, community, convenience, growth, time away and relocation.

We believe a great workplace is one that represents the world we live in and how beautifully diverse it can be. That means we have no judgement when it comes to any one of the things that make you who you are - your gender, race, sexuality, religion or a secret aversion to coriander. All you need is a passion for (most) food and a desire to be part of one of the fastest growing startups in an incredibly exciting space.

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