JOB TITLE:          AI Designer

LOCATION:          Novato, USA

REPORTS TO:     Lead AI 

CONTRACT:        Perm


What We Need:

We want a problem solver who can use their adept technical skills in combination with their keen insight to help craft unique and compelling moments that are memorable and noteworthy. A designer that never stops asking for more, pushing for quality, and smashing through every obstacle in the pursuit of creating something truly compelling. In collaboration with the Game Director, Combat Director and AI/Encounters Lead, you will create one-of-a-kind experiences that people recount the next day when telling their friends or that people talk about on message boards for years. The kinds of moments in games where you step back and say, “Oh wow!”

What You Will Do:

  • Hand-craft compelling experiences working closely with the mission and content teams to create unique enemies and encounters including making clear and detailed plans for every aspect and making sure those are clearly communicated
  • Develop systems for variations of attacks, patterns and skill checks that will provide an array of different challenges for different players and play styles
  • Work closely with artists of all types, designers, engineers, and production to ensure the vision and that these moments come together and shine on every front
  • Create encounters that put together multiple individual AI actors in a cohesive way, ensuring that encounters tell a story that has a beginning, middle, and end
  • Partner with level designers to create optimal spaces for enemies, both in interior locations, as well as exteriors, and help visualize how those encounters change dynamically based upon the space
  • Must have an understanding of custom, non-behavior tree AI brains and the ability to create a set of behaviors that can play out across a series of phases including incorporating the environment and surrounding allies
  • Ideal candidates will have experience with scripting languages such as LUA or C# (C++ also acceptable) and have a strong understanding of targeting, abilities and navigation
  • Other valuable skills would include experience utility systems, aggro management, group behaviors and/or machine learning
  • Minimum 2+ years working on shipped AAA or in AI field and must be self-motivated, knowledge seeking individual


Who We Think Will Be A Good Fit:

While mastery of craft, demonstrated experience, and boundless creativity are all essential elements of the position, we value three other incredibly important elements in our designers at Hangar 13.

  • The first is a true love of gaming.  We find time at work and at home to engage in games across the spectrum of gaming, from the newest AAA releases, to the most novel of indie titles, to the most obscure mobile games, gaming is a big part of who we are
  • Second, a huge appetite for entertainment in general.  Great stories, great interactions, great experiences, and great creativity can be observed in nearly every form of entertainment, whether that be a local play, the newest movie, a hit series on Netflix, or a book you simply can’t put down.  We’re voracious consumers of entertainment, taking inspiration from anything and everything we can

Third, we’re positive by nature.  While we’re quick to give feedback and hold each other accountable to an incredibly high bar for quality, we’re supportive of each other and the game we’re making


Who We Are:

Hangar 13 is an internal 2K development studio based in four locations: Novato (California), Brighton (UK), and Brno & Prague (Czech Republic), working collaboratively as one team.

Each of our locations provides the opportunity to Bravely Create on big-budget, AAA console titles in a diverse and inclusive environment.

At Hangar 13, we want people driven by curiosity — Visionaries who aren’t afraid to explore new territory.  Intrepid individuals who embrace the weird, the challenging, the unconventional.

We’re continuing to build a space that empowers you to take risks and redefine what’s possible,

Where your inquisitive nature is nourished —

A home for people who aren’t satisfied with what is, but who are obsessed by what could be.

So bring your talent,

Your unique point-of-view, Your fearless tenacity,

And together, we’ll Bravely Create.



Located just 45 minutes via train from London, Brighton is one of the UK’s most diverse and downright interesting cities. Sat right on the south coast of England, the city is home to a vibrant creative community and is known as an easy-going and tolerant place to live and work. Brighton is home to Victorian piers and palaces, brightly coloured stucco homes and a 5-mile long shingle beach which becomes a post-work social hub during the summer months.

Onsite amenities inside our state-of-the-art Brighton studio include a fully equipped kitchen, games room, gym (with showers) and our very own bar. We’re a 30 second walk from Brighton station.


Please note that 2K Games and its studios never uses instant messaging apps or personal email accounts to contact prospective employees or conduct interviews and when emailing, only use and accounts.

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