We are looking for QA, Software Developer Engineer in Test in LATAM to work remotely on a project for one of our Clients in the US.  

Project Description

We want to create our own Cryptocurrency.

  • Details:
    *Payment platform
    *ID Verification
    *Additional payment process methods
    *Functionality for customers to support payment integrations


  • Re-launch process Architecture.
  • Able to think about scalability for an Enterprise Fintech.
  • Write/develop and execute their test cases from scratch, mainly in the backend, but also need QA for the frontend Automation
  • Understand transaction processing and processes in finance.


  • Python + 4 years.
  • AWS + 4 years.
  • API.
  • Automation - want people who can develop their own test and can code.
  • People who love Crypto and are passionate about FinTech.
  • 5 + years of woorking experience.


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