Project Description

Campus Prevention Network (CPN) was created to help higher education institutions take on the issues that matter most. Whether it’s sexual assault and harassment, alcohol and substance misuse, wellness and mental health, or diversity and inclusion, the CPN provides tools, resources, and insights to support our partners in driving lasting, large-scale change.
Learn more about how 2,200+ higher education institutions and organizations are leveraging the Campus Prevention Network to advance their safety, well-being, and inclusion initiatives and elevate their impact on student and institutional success.


  • Expertise in designing, developing and sustaining full stack of Web applications end to end with frontend, backend, database, storage, cache and deployed on AWS Cloud
  • Expertise in implementing complex enhancements to existing products in UI, Business Services or DB
  • Experience developing highly interactive applications and proficiency in OOPs concepts
  • Ability to do impact analysis of the features and fix being implemented
  • Expertise in adderssing customer reported issues in UI, Services, DB
  • Lead troubleshooting of issues that occur in production environments
  • Good analytical skills (root cause analysis and create solutions to resolve product defects)
  • Ability to triage issues to next level of support if they are catagorized as new features etc based on the RCA done
  • Familiarity with Release management to roll out patches, hotfixes, product releases etc



  • 4-6 years expertise developing applications using Ruby 2.5.3 /Rails
  • Expertise in SQL/No SQL DB especially Postgres 9.4
  • Familiarity with Heroku hosted Applications
  • Min 2 years of relevant React Native experience


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