Paysend Group

Paysend is a FinTech company on a mission to change the way that people manage their money on a global scale.

Our growth has been fast and exciting. We’ve welcomed over 3 million customers and counting in the space of a few years, and we’ve more than doubled in size since March 2020.

Paysend’s success is built on supreme technology, friendly customer service and, of course, the very best talent in the FinTech industry. We’re looking for the future gamechangers of FinTech to join the team and to make a difference in the lives of millions around the world.

Every day is a new challenge at Paysend, and we approach each project with ambition, innovation and creativity.

Current Job Openings

Business Development

Mid-Market Sales - B2B
United Kingdom
Payment Schemes Manager
United Kingdom
Product Manager - Core
United Kingdom
Product Manager - Issuing
United Kingdom

Customer Services

Executive Board


Finance Business Analyst
United Kingdom
Finance Manager


C# Developer
QA Engineer

Legal & Compliance

B2B Onboarding Analyst
United Kingdom
Risk Analyst
United Kingdom