Authentick is a Web3 native startup looking to support buyers in the NFT space through information pieces, content awareness and a verification system developed to not only score a NFT project but also highlight information about that project. Our mission at Authentick is to help people make safer, faster, and better decisions about NFTs.

Hey there! Are you a talented leader who wants to make a big impact in the realm of Web3 and NFTs? If so, we want you to join our team as the Social Media Marketing Lead where we’re focused on building an unique NFT marketplace!

We’re looking for someone who’s not afraid to get their hands dirty and is passionate about building great products to shape the future of the NFT space.

Working directly with the CEO as a strategic advisor – you will lead the team to bring Authentick’s vision to life and create an incredible user experience!

Authentick is backed by Temasek and setup by its venture building arm Menyala.

In this role, you’ll need to

NFTs have become all the rage lately. Well, imagine being the person who gets to lead the charge in social media for a cutting-edge NFT marketplace start-up. That's exactly what we're looking for in our Social Media Marketing Lead role!As the Lead of Social Media Marketing, you'll be responsible for overseeing all of our social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and more. You'll be in charge of developing and executing a social media strategy that drives engagement, grows our following, and ultimately contributes to our overall business objectives.Here are some of the key responsibilities you can expect in this role:

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with our business objectives and brand identity
  • Create and curate content for all of our social media channels, including written copy, graphics, and videos
  • Engage with our community on social media by responding to comments and messages, and cultivating meaningful relationships with our followers
  • Analyze social media performance metrics and adjust our strategy accordingly to optimize engagement and growth
  • Work closely with our marketing, creative, and product teams to ensure that our social media efforts are aligned with our overall business strategy
  • Keep up to date with the latest social media trends and best practices, and proactively recommend new approaches that can help us stay ahead of the curve

We are looking for Social Media Marketing Lead with the following:

  • Creativity Comes up with a lot of new and unique ideas; easily makes connections among previously unrelated notions; tends to be seen as original and value-added in brainstorming settings.
  • Presentation Skills Is effective in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, small and large groups, with peers, direct reports, and bosses; is effective both inside and outside the organization, on both cool data and hot and controversial topics; commands attention and can manage group processes during the presentation; can change tactics midstream when something isn’t working.
  • Approachability Is easy to approach and talk to; spends the extra effort to put others at ease; can be warm, pleasant, and gracious
  • Business Acumen Knows how businesses work; knowledgeable in current and possible future policies, practices, trends, and information affecting his/her business and organization; knows the competition; is aware of how strategies and tactics work in the marketplace.

You Should Apply If You Possess:

  • Superpower-like knowledge of the NFT market, including the latest trends and emerging opportunities.
  • TikTok-obsessed and Twitter-savvy, able to create viral content and engage with influencers like a pro.
  • Jedi-like abilities to use marketing and social media analytics tools to measure the success of marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Cyberpunk-like familiarity with web2 and web3 technologies, particularly as they relate to NFTs.
  • Social butterfly with the ability to build and maintain relationships with marketing companies, content creators, and other relevant industry partners.
  • Creative wordsmith with the ability to craft engaging and compelling social media content that resonates with the target audience.
  • Master of multi-channel coordination, with experience in managing and coordinating social media campaigns across multiple channels and platforms.
  • Brand wizard with a keen eye for detail and the ability to develop and implement a consistent brand voice across social media platforms.
  • Quick-change artist with the ability to adapt quickly to changes in the market, particularly as they relate to new technologies or emerging trends.
  • Organisational guru with excellent project management skills, able to coordinate multiple campaigns and projects simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

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