Ingenuity Prep

Ingenuity Prep is driven by a mission-aligned commitment to prepare students to succeed in college and beyond as impactful civic leaders. In this work, the school aspires to achieve among the best growth outcomes of any school in the country. Such an aspiration will require many things – none more important than attracting, developing, and retaining the best instructional, operational, and student support staff within and beyond D.C.

With more learning time and increased efficiency in its model, Ingenuity Prep offers an educational program that prepares students for mastery of 1) rigorous core content and 2) a broader set of civic leadership competencies. Ingenuity Prep’s model offers an extended year schedule, providing increased opportunities to deliver rigorous instruction, enrichment, and remediation.

Over the course of a school year, students at Ingenuity Prep benefit from 33% more learning time than their peers at neighboring District schools. Ingenuity Prep’s teaching career ladder ensures that as teachers grow so do their opportunities to leverage their leadership and increase their impact – all while remaining in the classroom.

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Current Job Openings

2022-23 School Year Instructional Positions

2022-23 School Year Leadership Positions

SY22-23 Operations Manager II
4600 Livingston Road SE

2022-23 School Year Non-Instructional Positions