Senior Visual Designer 



Product design practitioners here at Glance come from diverse backgrounds such as psychology, content strategy, engineering, fine arts, visual communication etc and are from a deep academic background in design and the passionately self-taught ones.  

Our approach, our efforts and our outcome and everything we do here  is aligned to the vision: 

“We design to create true-to-human value and we do it delightfully together” 
It is not about creating the delight for the end consumers but also keeping the whole process delightful while we work with our partners in product, engineering and business. Right from identifying the problem worth solving for the consumers & hence valuable for business on a global scale, all the way to designing the intended seamless experience for the customers, the product design team is known for their high bar for quality in their designed solutions. 

Our product design organisation operates on the foundation of its core values of 

  1. Establishing a shared understanding of customer and business needs, by operating with deep empathy rooted in core human values 
  1. Collaborating widely with partners from across diverse backgrounds for a more inclusive approach to problem solving 
  1. Rightly utilising the makers time & craftsmanship on facets of experience that maximizes the overall impact to the intended outcome 
  1. Measuring the impact of designed solutions both human and as well as business, to make well informed decisions to iterations. 


What role you would play, as part of the design organisation? 

While a product needs everything going right from the start of finding the balance between the user need and the business opportunity all the way to providing a seamless experience for the consumer. This involves defining the flow, information hierarchy, interaction & so on so forth. The efficacy of all this squarely falls on the ability to deliver a visually arresting, aesthetically elevating experience that could grab attention and hold it for the moment until the design becomes invisible as the consumer derives the intended value through this experience.   

  • As a Visual designer in Glance Product Design team, you will be the custodian of producing original end-to-end UI design, motion design, illustration, iconography and prototyping.  
  • Rather than getting bogged down by pixel perfection or aesthetics, you will make sure no element in the product is either hidden or overly celebrated and it is given the right emphasis it deserves to narrate visually stunning story telling experience with design. 
  • You will work closely with the experience designers and product managers, under the guidance to gather context and design the final UI based on wireframes finalised & agreed upon with product, design, tech & business stakeholders.  
  • You will ensure alignment of the proposed visual design solutions as per the brand guidelines and in accordance with the brand personality right from the early stages. 
  • You will be shipping the final UI in accordance with the guidelines, while maintaining highest standards in the visual aesthetics. A glimpse of the bar for design quality can be referred from the works posted on our team’s Dribbble page. 
  • You will be a bridge between the product design and the front-end engineering in translating the designed experience into detailed UI specifications . 
  • You will be the custodian of the product UI right from the design stage all the way until the experience is shipped to production. This means that you will also own the responsibility of creative quality assessment for all designs in the development stage, ensuring zero loss in quality while in transition from design to development to live production. 
  • As senior member of the visual design pod, you will be mentoring junior designers, sharing your learnings and expertise with fellow design 

What do we expect from you?  

  • You would be someone who has demonstrated experience of designing interfaces for consumer experiences at scale. 
  • You would be someone who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment following rapid iterative design approach, where the only thing constant is change. 
  • Having a Bachelors, Masters or post-graduate degree in visual communication and fine arts is a plus. 
  • Must demonstrate mastery in visual design, user interface design and typography while being expert in iconography, illustration & motion design. 
  • Excellent collaboration, communication and presentational skills to ensure you effectively communicate your designs and all the decisions that shaped it, with your stakeholders. 
  • Must have a portfolio showcasing recent works as live experiences or preferably in the form of prototypes, but less of static comps. 


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