Geneva Trading

Founded in 1999, Geneva Trading is a premier global principal trading firm with strategically located offices in Chicago and Dublin. Our relentless focus on trading excellence combined with technological innovation has equipped us with a best-in-class proprietary trading platform, enabling us to compete at the highest levels in the global markets. Rooted in a culture of integrity, collaboration, and an unwavering passion for progress, we foster an environment of personal and professional excellence. Our nimble organizational structure and entrepreneurial spirit attract top-tier talent with a passion for innovation, laying the foundation and driving our consistent success in the industry.


Current Job Openings


IT - SRE Internship Chicago


DTG - Dublin

Discretionary Trader
Dublin Ireland Office


OTC Oil Desk Lead
London, England, United Kingdom

GTM - Chicago Trading

Futures Trader FX
Chicago Office
Futures Trader RV
Chicago Office
Quant Trader
Chicago Office