About Company:

Hear.com is the fastest-growing hearing care company ever. We are driven by our belief that every
person should hear well to live well. With our unique digital business model, we have changed the way
hearing care is provided. We are a profitable global health-technology company with origins in Europe.
Since starting our journey in 2012, we have helped over 100,000 customers get on the path to better
hearing. In just 9 years we have grown our team from 2 to over 1,000 people. We work hard and play
hard in 11 international locations from Denver to Seoul. We promise to ourselves: to define the future
of hearing care, to never be corporate and to always live Day One.

Hear.com helps people globally who suffer from hearing impairment. Our team of hearing aid sales
consultants are reaching out to all people who are in need of help and helping them to make hearing a
better experience for them globally.

Job description

• Consult customers via telephone throughout every step of the process (B 2 C process)
• Develop individual solutions based on the requirements of the customer
• Act as the middle-man between the customer and our partner providers
• Provide knowledge and in-depth advice for hearing loss and hearing aids
• After understanding level of hearing loss and budget of the customer suggest him / her the ideal
hearing aid for him/her and help them purchasing hearing aid

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