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Here at Wonders we build products that empower small brick and mortar restaurants by liberating them of the operational burden of running their business. We accomplish this by providing a frictionless connection between them and their customers through our multi-product ecosystem offering AI-enabled order taking, delivery enablement, payment solutions, and point-of-sale software. At Wonders, we use a combination of bits (technology) and atoms (people) to solve real world problems facing small business owners.

We obsess over placing our customers first and working backwards from there. When our customers succeed, we succeed. The restaurant industry in the US is over a $1 trillion total addressable market (TAM), but remains relatively underserved by technology. Large chains are able to afford expensive tech that gives them a huge advantage; we believe that small restaurant owners deserve access to the same technologies at an affordable price. 

Wonders has been profitable for nearly a decade and seen 5x revenue growth in the last three years. As of our last fundraising round in mid-2022, we were valued at $450M and have since seen substantial growth across customer acquisition, product development and company headcount. Thousands of loyal restaurants have entrusted Wonders with their success, and together we have supported nearly 20 million customers. We are proud to be named one of Built In’s top companies to work for in 2023.

To learn more about our culture, values and how you can be a part of helping mom & pop restaurants thrive, please visit us here! Helping Independent Restaurants Thrive.

What the role is about

The trainer conducts classroom and hands-on training sessions and incorporates various training methods such as presentations, simulations, role-plays, and assessments to cater to different learning styles. They also play a crucial role in assessing trainees' progress, identifying areas for improvement, and providing constructive feedback. The trainer serves as a mentor and point of contact for new hires, offering support, guidance, and resources throughout their initial integration into the company. This role requires strong communication, organization, and leadership skills to ensure that new hires have a smooth transition into their roles and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful.

The New Hire Trainer will collaborate with various departments to develop and deliver comprehensive training programs that align with company objectives and values.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Develop Training Materials
    1. Design and develop training materials, including presentations, handouts, and job aids, that effectively convey essential information to new hires and tenured agents.
    2. Ensure training materials are up-to-date, accurate, and aligned with company policies, procedures, and best practices.
  2. Facilitate Training Programs
    1. Conduct engaging training sessions, both in-person and remotely, to provide comprehensive knowledge of their roles, responsibilities, and company processes.
    2. Maximize learning outcomes and utilize various training methodologies and techniques, including interactive activities, group discussions, and hands-on exercises.
  3. Coordinate Onboarding Process
    1. Collaborate with HR/TA/OPS and hiring managers to create an efficient and effective onboarding process for new hires, ensuring a seamless transition into their roles.
    2. Provide guidance and support to new hires during the onboarding period, answering any questions or concerns they may have.
  4. Assess Training Effectiveness
    1. Develop and implement assessments and evaluations to measure the effectiveness of the training programs, identifying areas for improvement and making necessary adjustments.
    2. Collect feedback from trainees and management to continuously improve the training program and enhance the learning experience.
  5. Update Training Materials
    1. Stay updated on industry trends, technologies, and best practices, and incorporate relevant information into the training materials to ensure their accuracy and relevance.
    2. Continuously review and update training materials to reflect changes in company policies, procedures, and workflows.


  1. Subject Matter Expertise: A top trainer possesses deep knowledge and expertise in the subject matter they are training on. They stay up-to-date with the latest research, trends, and developments in their field.
  2. Communication Skills: Effective trainers have strong verbal and written communication skills. They can articulate information clearly, listen actively, and adapt their communication style to suit diverse audiences.
  3. Engagement and Motivation: Top trainers excel at engaging their trainees, making the learning experience interesting and motivating. They use varied teaching methods, interactive activities, and multimedia tools to capture trainees' attention and maintain their interest.
  4. Adaptability: Skilled trainers are flexible and adaptable in their approach. They can adjust their training methods and materials to meet their trainees' unique needs and learning styles.
  5. Organization and Planning: Effective trainers are highly organized and skilled in planning and preparing training sessions. They create well-structured training materials, establish clear learning goals, and manage time effectively.
  6. Interpersonal Skills: Top trainers are empathetic, approachable, and good at building rapport with trainees. They create a supportive and inclusive learning environment, encourage participation, and foster collaboration among trainees.
  7. Evaluation and Feedback: Skilled trainers are proficient in assessing trainee progress and providing constructive feedback. They know how to employ various evaluation methods and provide opportunities for self-assessment and reflection.
  8. Continuous Learning: The best trainers are committed to their own professional development. They continuously update their skills and knowledge through attending workshops, and conferences, and staying connected with industry networks.


  1. Passionate about their subject matter and their role as an educator. Their enthusiasm is infectious and helps to motivate and inspire their trainees.
  2. Have a high level of empathy and can understand and relate to the challenges and needs of their trainees.
  3. Adaptable and can adjust their teaching methods and materials to suit different learning styles and preferences. They are open to new ideas and approaches and are willing to modify their training as needed.
  4. Patient with their trainees and create a nurturing and supportive environment where individuals can learn at their own pace.
  5. Possess excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills, allowing them to convey information clearly and engage with their trainees.
  6. Continuously seek ways to improve their training methods and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and research. They are open to feedback and actively seek opportunities for their own professional development.
  7. Exhibits strong leadership skills by guiding their trainees through the learning process, setting clear expectations, and providing guidance and support along the way.
  8. Confidence is key for trainers. It helps them deliver their training materials with conviction, handle questions and challenges effectively, and project credibility to their trainees.
  9. Approach work with a positive attitude, creating an enjoyable and engaging learning environment.


  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Education, Training & Development, or a related field.
  • Prior experience as a trainer, preferably with experience in onboarding and new hire training.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills, with the ability to effectively convey information to diverse audiences.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills, with the ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize effectively.
  • Proficiency in instructional design methodologies and adult learning principles.
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Ability to adapt to evolving technologies and platforms for remote training delivery.
  • Familiarity with learning management systems (LMS) and other training software is a plus.
  • Ability to build rapport and effectively collaborate with employees and stakeholders at all levels of the organization.
  • Caring and patient attitude, exhibiting empathy and understanding towards new hires' needs and challenges.
  • Strong leadership and mentorship abilities, inspiring and motivating new hires to succeed.
  • Must be willing to work PH graveyard hours
  • Willing to work on-site (Dumauete City)

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