TuSimple was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing the top minds in the world together to achieve the dream of a driverless truck solution. With a foundation in computer vision, algorithms, mapping, and AI, Tusimple is working to create the first commercially viable autonomous truck driving platform with L4 (SAE) levels of safety.

Current Job Openings

01 Software Engineer

01 General

02 Onboard

03 Service Infra

04 Integration

05 HMI

06 Map Infrastructure

Map Production Engineer
San Diego, CA

07 ML Platform

Software Engineer, Machine Learning Infrastructure
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

08 Fleet Connectivity

02 Algorithm

01 Perception

Perception - Director
San Diego, CA

02 Calibration & Localization

03 Prediction

04 Planning

05 Control

Control - Internship
San Diego, CA

06 ML Platform

ML Platform - Internship
San Diego, CA

07 ML Platform Quality Assurance

08 System Engineering

03 Hardware Engineer

02 EE

03 Sensor

04 System

05 Vehicle Control

06 Validation

04 Fleet Operation

01 Test Operations

02 Test Driver

03 Tech Support

04 Operation Support

Driver Coordinator
Tucson, AZ
Inventory Clerk
Tucson, AZ

05 Project & Program Management

06 Product Management

User Experience Designer
San Diego, CA

07 Corporate Functions

01 Legal & IP

02 Finance & Accounting

Financial Associate
San Diego, CA
Sr. Accountant
San Diego, CA
Sr. Buyer
Tucson, AZ

08 IT / InfoSec

Sr. IT Specialist
Tucson, AZ

09 People Operations

University Recruiter
San Diego, CA

01 Human Resources

02 Recruiting

10 Business Development & Strategy

Brand Manager
San Diego, CA