Client Description

The client is a well-funded, series A startup that’s transforming the centuries old shipping industry by solving its problems of inefficiency, unpredictability, and volatility.


  • Being part of a small team means you’ll be responsible for solutions that have a serious impact on the business and our systems;
  • You’ll interact with carriers, shippers, and regulatory agencies to design systems that bring and old industry up to today’s standards;
  • Flexibility to design and propose innovative solutions that solve real industry problems;
  • Talented, diligent coworkers who constantly collaborate and learn together;
  • A company culture that blends old-school industry knowledge with modern tech-inspired problem solving.

Candidate's Profile

  • Enjoys solving difficult problems and translating those solutions into high performance code;
  • Possesses a solid mix of initiative, imagination, and work ethic;
  • Understands what it takes to work at a start-up, including the need to ‘wear multiple hats’;
  • Considers application architecture and how changes will affect testability, maintainability, and responsiveness of the application;
  • Constantly works to identify and mitigate security concerns, improve the user experience, refactor old code judiciously, and follow development best practices;
  • Understands the importance of automated testing in delivering bug-free, fully test-covered code in short time frames.


  • You have 6+ years of frontend development experience building and maintaining complex, high quality, reactive applications;
  • A strong understanding of application architecture;
  • The ability to work proficiently in the following areas with the respective tools:
    • Languages: JavaScript, ES6;
    • Frameworks/Tools: React (v15 &v16), Redux, D3JS, Node, Jest, Git, Webpack, CSS Preprocessers;
    • Skills: Cross-browser Development, Responsive/Mobile Design.


  • Payment in USD
  • Free credentials for e-learning platforms
  • Remote workshops & activities

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