Sigma’s vision is to create an insight-driven world where people and organizations are transformed for the better by access to data and the insights they discover within it. At Sigma, we are building a cloud-native business intelligence platform that anyone can use -- no programming required. 

Let’s be honest about that last part. Few business tools of any power have been truly easy for non-technical users to pick up immediately. And that’s certainly true in BI. But we’re going to change that. Our Research & Insights team has already uncovered keys for doing just that and we’re looking for a UX Prototyper Researcher to help us get there. 

Below is a list of related tasks we expect the candidate to perform and the skills required to do so. Keep in mind our desire for a prototyper stems from the desire to move research further upstream in the product development lifecycle, so our team can more readily identify what to build and how to build it (rather than just test what was already built). This role will help us identify how users approach their tasks, what workflows might work for them, and how the product features work together to serve their needs.

This role will help Sigma:

  1. Do more research further upstream in the product development cycle
  2. Do more concepting and concept tasting
  3. Remove dependencies on UX and Eng to do mockups or prototypes for research efforts 
  4. Increase volume and speed of the research and user testing we do
  5. Expand how we can help other departments utilize qualitative and quantitative research findings for their own initiatives

You will:

  • Work with the Head of Research & Insights to define research priorities and what level of prototyping is necessary for projects at hand 
  • Collaborate with Product Design, Engineering, and PM teams (among others) in gathering requirements for research projects and creating plans to execute against them
  • Prototype new product concepts, workflows, and feature sets 
  • Help train other departments on research methodologies so they can perform simple research themselves
  • Collaborate on how Research communicates its findings to the rest of the company
  • Do things that run counter to pure research methodology because we have to be creative and scrappy sometimes. Creativity, flexibility, and a desire to really understand and help users use Sigma are highly valued. 

Desired Experience and Skills

  • 5+ years prototyping experience with highly interactive business tools or B2C apps/sites 
  • Ability to prototype complex workflows and interactions in a way that gets the insights we need from users. The tools you use to prototype are less important than they being sufficient to get the information we want. E.g. if you prototype in code, it won’t be expected to be used by Engineering. If you prototype with InVision, React,, or others, it matters more that you can execute what is needed in a reasonable amount of time than what format you do it in. 
  • The flexibility to prototype in different ways for different projects is desired
  • 5+ years doing user research, ideally leading research projects or being the primary researcher
  • Excellent in planning and executing user research studies, whether more traditional user testing or more experimental concept testing
  • Excellent at communicating research findings, and willing to explore different ways to do that beyond a typical research report (e.g. infographic, video, illustrations, prototype)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate across departments
  • If a project has ambiguity you work to resolve that in order to move the project forward. (I mentioned scrappiness, right?) 

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