C4ISRNET, a Sightline Media Group brand, covers the business side of networked warfare and national security. Our readers are decision-makers at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill and at military bases throughout the world. At Sightline, the beat reporters are the core of the organization. They break stories, provide indispensable business intelligence, write best-of-class enterprise stories and develop plugged-in sources who help readers understand what drives military policy and acquisition.

We have an immediate opening for a journalist to cover unmanned systems, electronic warfare, artificial intelligence and other key technologies for C4ISRNET.

 This job requires:

  • Writing ambitious enterprise stories to include profiles, investigations and explainers. This means collaborating regularly with Defense News and C4ISRNET reporters.
  • Providing a deep understanding of drones, electronic warfare, artificial intelligence, robotics and military technology and being able to explain what advances mean for defense-focused readers
  • Breaking news on multi-domain operations as it relates budgets, legislation and technology advancements.
  • Offering smart analysis
  • Covering government officials who shape how tens of billions of dollars are spent each year
  • Making routine announcements sing with clean writing and insight
  • Moderating panels and leading interviews at our showcase events

We don’t want a stenographer or a reactive reporter. We want someone who is thinking about what’s next, looks past buzzwords, won’t be easily led and thinks hard about the consequences of every decision. The story of the day might not be a good fit for our readers, while an overlooked story might be very consequential.

Sometimes the job includes traveling with defense leaders or attending trade shows in foreign countries. Sometimes the job requires parsing the nitty-gritty of defense legislation or combing through budget books. We sweat details. Our editors value accuracy, clarity and a good story.

At C4ISRNET, we pride ourselves on covering the business, politics and technology critical to national security. The business to government group has a team of nearly 25 reporters, editors and correspondents worldwide. 

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