Military Times is one of Sightline Media Group's brands covering the military, veterans and families. Our readers are service members, former service members and their loved ones, decision-makers at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill and at military bases throughout the world. At Military Times, reporters are the core of the organization. They break stories, write best-of-class enterprise stories and develop plugged-in sources who help readers understand the decisions that are made and how they affect troops, veterans and families. Our independent, award-winning journalism offers coverage from around the globe, from the Pentagon, the White House and Congress to bases and VA facilities across the nation and around the world. 

We have an immediate opening for a reporter at Military Times.

Can you break big stories and write with flair? Can you capture the zeitgeist of military life and want to contribute to our observational look at military culture? Military Times is looking for a reporter who wants to make a difference, shed light on problems and have some fun covering a vital segment of our society.

This job requires:

  • Developing a source network that will help you stay on top of the news and ahead of the competition.
  • Routinely filing FOIAs and other state and local freedom of information requests for information agencies won’t cough up.
  • Understanding and reporting what’s on the minds of troops, veterans and their families.
  • Covering military officials who shape how operational, personnel and readiness decisions are made.
  • Covering the issues affecting those who serve and their families
  • Writing ambitious enterprise stories to include profiles, investigations and explainers.


  • Send a resume
  • 5 writing samples that showcase your best spotlight, enterprise and observational work
  • A cover letter with a brief description of why you’re interested in working with us. 

We don’t want a stenographer or a reactive reporter. We want someone who is thinking about what’s next, looks past buzzwords, won’t be easily led and thinks hard about the consequences of every decision. The story of the day might not be a good fit for our readers, while an overlooked story might be very consequential.

Sometimes the job includes traveling with defense leaders or visiting installations around the nation and across the globe. Sometimes the job requires pouring through documents or reaching out to dozens of sources. We sweat details. Our editors value accuracy in fact and context, clarity and a good story.

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